Release Notes - BlueStacks X v0.18





| App Player Updates

1. Gear up to save Mankind in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE (com.proximabeta.nikke) and:

  • download in-game data or log in using Twitter without the game crashing.
  • enjoy an improved gameplay experience with a more stable FPS.

2. You can now play 勝利女神:妮姬 (com.gamamobi.nikke) without any hassles as:

  • the game will no longer crash when you log in using Twitter.
  • we've taken care of some graphical glitches for smoother gameplay.

Get ready to recruit and command the warriors that will save mankind!

Released on: November 17, 2022





| App Player Updates

1. We’ve fiddled with our wiring and optimized our engine for a seamless experience on the App Player.

Released on: November 15, 2022



Main Updates

1. We've made some minor updates and had to bid goodbye to our beloved minibar. Farewell, old friend, it was a good run! 

2. Minor optimizations have been made to ensure that nothing stops you from succeeding in your epic gaming journey on BlueStacks 5.

| App Player Updates

1. Get ready to showcase your talents and explore quality streams in Bigo Live ( without the app crashing.

2. Dive into the world of 리그 오브 레전드 (com.riotgames.league.wildrift) without having to worry about the app crashing.

Released on: October 31, 2022


App Player Updates

1. View your surroundings in Minecraft (com.mojang.minecraftpe) and Minecraft Trial (com.mojang.minecrafttrialpe) by simply moving your mouse cursor!

2. Say goodbye to crashes when you play:

  • 마법스크롤상인 지오 with NAVER WEBTOON (
  • 天地劫:幽城再临 (com.zlongame.tdj.aligames)
  • 鋼の錬金術師 MOBILE (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FullmetalAlchemistMobilejp)
  • 公主连结Re:Dive (com.bilibili.priconne.aligames) 
  • オクトパストラベラー 大陸の覇者 (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.octopathj)

3. Enjoy a smoother and more responsive gaming experience with higher FPS in: 

  • Epic Seven (
  • 페이트/그랜드 오더 (com.netmarble.fgok)
  • NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE (com.bandainamcoent.ninjavoltage_app)

4. Play without coming across any graphical glitches in:

  • The Legend of Neverland (com.gameark.ggplay.lonsea)
  • Võ Lâm Truyền Kỳ 1 Mobile (vn.pg1.vltk1m)
  • 아이돌리 프라이드 : 아이돌 육성 시뮬레이션 RPG (

5. Gear up to defeat monsters in RAID: Shadow Legends (com.plarium.raidlegends) as you say goodbye to:

  • the game not launching after an update.
  • the game crashing at launch or any error while logging in, on a resolution higher than 1920 x 1080.

6. Become a legendary hero in MIR2M: The Warrior (com.wemade.mir2m.thewarrior) as no more error messages will stand in your way.

7. Play 梦幻模拟战 (com.zlongame.mhmnz.aligames) and say goodbye to the game freezing.

8. Play LINE Magic Coin - Coin Game! (com.linecorp.LGPJCOIN) without any error messages stopping you from becoming the Coin Master.

9. Take charge of the rhythm in SuperStar CLASS:y (com.dalcomsoft.sstg) as no more error messages will stop you in your musical journey.

Released on: October 3, 2022




Main Updates

1. Learn interesting details about the storyline, features, gameplay, controls for any game you’d like to play and also discover similar games when you click on “Install” or “Play”.


2. Play your favorite Cloud games, they will now open directly on your desktop/laptop's default browser.


3. Install your favorite apps without a hitch and experience an installation process smoother than butter!

4. We banished the bugs that were bothering you and sent them far far away from your games!

Released on: September 13, 2022





Main Updates

1. You can now step into the exciting world of Play & Win from the BlueStacks X home screen! Get ready to win some amazing prizes such as Google Play, Steam and XBOX Gift cards and much more!


Released on: September 9, 2022





App Player Updates

1. Get ready to win exciting rewards in Play & Win on the App Player. Celebrate your victory and take home your loot! Read through our quick start guides on how you can:

Released on: September 8, 2022





App Player Updates

1. Get ready for smoother gameplay and bid adieu to crashes when you play:

  • 세븐나이츠레볼루션 (com.netmarble.skrv)
  • 星のドラゴンクエスト (com.square_enix.hoshinodqjp)
  • Dragon Quest Tact (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqtactn)
  • 레전드 오브 룬테라 (com.riotgames.legendsofruneterra)
  • 냥코 대전쟁 (
  • あんさんぶるスターズ!!(
  • Valkyrie Connect (
  • Valkyrie Connect (
  • 忘川风华录 (com.netease.pm03.bilibili)
  • Disney Twisted-Wonderland (com.aniplex.twst.en)
  • ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド (
  • おでかけ超便利ツール (com.square_enix.dqxtools)
  • パズル&ドラゴンズ (Puzzle & Dragons) (jp.gungho.pad)

2. Chat with your friends without any keyboard glitches in:

  • 프리스타일2: 레볼루션 플라잉덩크 (
  • この悪い子猫ちゃんめ!(
  • ウマ娘 プリティーダービー (
  • 득템템! - 일렉 법사 키우기 (space.novacore.emt.aos)
  • 라그나로크 오리진 (com.gravity.ragnarokorigin.aos)
  • 앨리스 픽션 (com.alicefiction)
  • 트라하 인피니티 (com.moaigames.ti)
  • State of Survival (com.kingsgroup.sos)
  • ステート・オブ・サバイバル (
  • Cookie Run Kingdom (

3. No need to worry about the game freezing when you play:

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift (com.riotgames.league.wildrift)
  • 崩壊3rd (com.miHoYo.bh3rdJP)
  • Mech Arena: Robot Showdown (com.plarium.mechlegion)
  • Last Fortress: Underground (

4. Say goodbye to graphical glitches in:

  • Cửu Thiên Mobile (com.shg.sg349)
  • エターナルツリー (com.bilibilijp.eternaltreejp)
  • Play Together VNG (com.vng.playtogether)

5. You can continue making videos on TikTok ( without the app crashing on the App Player.

6. Play Vahn's Quest (com.superplanet.vahn) and ブレイブリーデフォルト ブリリアントライツ (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.bdbl) without coming across a black screen!

7. Create new characters in 메이플스토리M (com.nexon.nsc.maplem) without a hitch!

8. Say goodbye to graphical glitches and the game freezing as you fight demonic armies in 디아블로 이모탈 (com.blizzard.diablo.immortal).

9. Say goodbye to laggy gameplay as you won't have to worry about high ping when you battle it out in Free Fire (com.dts.freefireth) and Free Fire Max (com.dts.freefiremax).

10. You can now change the battle number on multi-battle setting and chat with fellow warriors with ease in RAID: Shadow Legends (com.plarium.raidlegends).

11. Step into the world of 激鬥峽谷 (com.riotgames.league.wildrifttw) without coming across hurdles after you log in to the game.

12. Go to battle against your enemies in ドラゴンクエストタクト (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqtactj) without any graphical glitches blurring your vision or worrying about the game crashing after an update.

13. Set sail to conquer the vast oceans when you play Uncharted Waters Origin (com.linegames.uwo) without encountering any error messages!

Released on: September 1, 2022





| App Player Updates

1. Minor enhancements have been made to improve performance and ensure that you get the most out of your gaming journey on the App Player.

Released on: August 30, 2022


Main Updates

1. We've polished some rough edges and made some tweaks to make your gaming experience smoother than before on BlueStacks X!

Released on: August 26, 2022






| App Player Updates

1. Explore the futuristic alien world in Tower of Fantasy ( at higher FPS and better graphics for an enhanced gameplay experience on BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit. 

Released on: August 19, 2022



| App Player Updates

1. Step into the post-apocalyptic world of Tower of Fantasy ( without observing a black screen on the BlueStacks App Player. Get ready to explore the magnificent planet of Aida!  

Released on: August 18, 2022






| Main Updates

1. A few minor improvements have been made to enhance your overall experience.

Released on: August 12, 2022





Main Updates

1. The Creator Hub will be going on a hiatus while our in-house elves work their magic on a possibly revamped version for the future. We’d like to take this moment to thank you for your overwhelming support and involvement with the unique skins, effects and filters that made it possible to create your own personal gaming world!

Released on: August 5, 2022

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