Release Notes - BlueStacks X v0.19



App Player Updates

1. Create videos on TikTok (com.zhiliaoapp.musically) without a black screen blocking your path when you launch your camera on BlueStacks App Player. Get ready to unleash your creativity!

Released on: February 24, 2023



| Main Updates

1. Step into a new universe of gaming by playing Web3 games seamlessly on BlueStacks and earn rewards! Here’s what this new adventure entails:

  • Discover and play various Web3 games from our richly curated Web3 games catalog that covers several familiar genres to fulfill diverse gaming needs.
  • Take a deep dive into a game before playing, with each game’s detailed page containing crucial information such as ratings, stats, tokens, NFTs, etc. 
  • Ensure the safety and security of your assets through Secure Web3 Shield that protects against any tampering with Web3 game code or data.

2. The Gaming Wallet by simplifies your Web3 journey. It makes it easy for you to manage your rewards from multiple Web3 games that are based on different blockchains. It also expands your gaming universe with easy access to more Web3 games.

Using the Gaming Wallet you can: 

  • Gain easy access to a vast catalog of Web3 games
  • Ensure the safety and security of your assets through Secure Web3 Shield that protects against any tampering with Web3 game code or data.
  • Manage and access your Web3 tokens residing on different blockchains in one place,  eliminating your burden of multi-chain management.
  • One-click login, a simple and secure login process making it easy to access your gaming assets with reliability.

| App Player Updates

1. An enhanced gameplay experience awaits you in Game of Empires: Warring Realms ( and DISGAEA RPG (com.boltrend.disgaeakr).

Released on: February 10, 2023


App Player Updates

1. You can now launch and play Call of Dragons ( faster than before as we've improved the loading time for the game. The gates of Tamaris are now wide open for you! 

Released on: February 7, 2023



App Player Updates

1. You can now play games using Android Pie instances even with Hyper-V enabled on your desktop/laptop. Expand your gaming library and explore more universes!

2. Gear up for a smoother and more immersive gameplay experience as you can now play the following games at 120 FPS or more on Android Pie! 

  • Free Fire (com.dts.freefireth)
  • Free Fire MAX (com.dts.freefiremax)
  • State of Survival: Zombie War (com.kingsgroup.sos)
  • GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (com.proximabeta.nikke)
  • Neural Cloud (com.sunborn.neuralcloud.en)
  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (
  • Path to Nowhere ( 
  • Blue Archive (com.nexon.bluearchive)
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (
  • Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (

3. Install and play your favorite Android games faster than before as we’ve reduced the installation time of APKs on the App Player. 

4. Get ready to dive into new adventures as you can now play ARK: Survival Evolved (com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark) and Sky: Children of the Light ( on the App Player!

5. We've sent away some unwanted ETs far away from your favorite apps to keep your gaming universe glittering and gleaming. Check them out below. 

  • Drift towards the finish line in KartRider: Drift (com.nexon.kartdrift) without any error messages.
  • Play the following games without coming across a black screen in Compatibility mode:
    • 우마무스메 프리티 더비(com.kakaogames.umamusume)
    • ウマ娘 プリティーダービー (
    • 賽馬娘Pretty Derby (com.komoe.kmumamusumegp)
  • Optimizations have been made to prevent the following games from crashing:
    • GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (com.proximabeta.nikke)
    • Eversoul (com.kakaogames.eversoul)
    • 진 삼국무쌍 오버로드 (
    • Genshin Impact (com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact)
    • Alchemy Stars (com.tencent.baiyeint)
  • Watch reels from your favorite creators on Instagram ( without coming across any glitches.
  • Take down your enemies in the following games without the game crashing:
    • Free Fire (com.dts.freefireth)
    • Free Fire MAX (com.dts.freefiremax)
  • 케로로M (com.netease.ma100tw) will no longer crash at launch. Run for your life as you get ready to escape a cold-blooded killer!
  • You can now play NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE (com.bandainamcoent.ninjavoltage_app) at a higher FPS. 

Released on: January 27, 2023



App Player Updates

1. Experience smoother in-game animations with 60 FPS in 라그나로크X : Next Generation (com.gravity.rox.and) on the App Player. The continent of Midgard awaits your arrival! 

2. You can now play Immortal Awakening (com.emagroups.bx) with default graphics set to "Ultra" on the App Player. Get ready to fulfill your destiny as the Awakener and protect the Homeland. 

Released on: January 19, 2023



App Player Updates

1. Fly away from in-game ads by enabling Airplane mode through your Side toolbar in various games such as Candy Crush Saga, Mob Control, Subway Surfers and more! 

2. Play with Smart Controls in War Robots and polish out your robot’s movements. Select the "Smart" control scheme from the Game controls menu and step into the future!

3. We’ve shaken out a few bugs from our proverbial plant to ensure your gaming journey is as smooth as butter! Check out all of the fallen bugs given below.

  • Get ready to enter the world of chaos in 式神傳說:陰陽對決 ( without any glitches.
  • Switch to portrait mode in Marvel Strike Force (com.foxnextgames.m3) by selecting "Rotate" from the Side toolbar and easily select your characters for upcoming battles.
  • You can now play Dream League Soccer 2022 (com.firsttouchgames.dls7) without any glitches as the bug causing distorted graphics has been given a red card.
  • Castle Clash (com.igg.castleclash) has been fortified to prevent any unwanted launches when starting the App Player. No more false starts here!
  • No more crashes will harm your army of frogs when you play 케로로M (com.netease.ma100tw).
  • View and select your character in Black Desert Mobile (com.pearlabyss.blackdesertm,, from the Character Selection Screen without any hassles on AMD Radeon™ Graphics cards.
  • Play 魔力寶貝:新世界 (com.mover.twmlbb) without any graphical glitches and more realistic surroundings in your new Kingdom!
  • Apply filters in Snapchat ( and capture your best moments without seeing an inverted camera screen.

Released on: January 13, 2023



App Player Updates

1. No more crashes when you play 에버소울 (com.kakaogames.eversoul). Get ready to unravel the secrets of Eden.

2. You can now play War of GAMA (com.gamamobi.wog) at high graphics and prepare to catch even the smallest details on the battlefield!

3. Rule the battlefield in 진 삼국무쌍 오버로드 ( without the game crashing.

Released on: January 7, 2023



App Player Updates

1. You can now play GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE in Landscape mode and enjoy the added benefit of greater precision! The battlefield awaits your arrival! 

2. Marvel Snap and Lord of the Rings: War have been scrubbed and polished for an enhanced gameplay experience.

Released on: January 3, 2023



Main Updates

1. Ring in the Christmas cheer as we've made some repairs for a seamless experience on BlueStacks X!

Released on: December 20, 2022



| App Player Updates

1. Say hello to our latest addition—Android 11 (Beta) and unlock a plethora of games designed just for it.

2. Gear up for a new gaming journey as you can now play games that use Vulkan as a graphics renderer. Head over to the "Graphics" tab in the settings menu to get started! 

3. Create a backup and restore your installed apps, game controls, user data, macros, settings and more without worrying about losing your data!

4. Enjoy superior video quality with 720p camera resolution on BlueStacks App Player on apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and more! 

5. Get the most out of your camera apps as OBS Virtual Camera is supported on BlueStacks App Player. Get ready to hold interactive live streams, record videos, share your screen in video calls and much more! 

6. Enlarge the size of text and icons on BlueStacks 5 with Interface scaling and enhance your overall experience! 

7. We've polished the Multi-instance Manager UI to ensure you don't accidentally delete your instances!

8. Gear up for smoother gameplay sessions as BlueStacks 5 Pie 64-bit has received various buffs, such as:

  • Reduced CPU usage by 20-40%
  • Performance modes that can reduce RAM usage by as much as 40-75%

9. Bug fixes:

  • Summoners War: Chronicles ( is now searchable. Your story of defending the kingdom as a Rahil Guard starts now!

  • 龍虎門M:漫畫正版授權 (com.gameone.dthm2) will no longer freeze while purchasing a character.

  • No more black screen will stop you in 8 Ball Pool (com.miniclip.eightballpool) after you update and play the game.

  • Say goodbye to graphical glitches when you play 暗黑破坏神:不朽 (com.netease.g67).

  • We've fixed the glitch that was causing WWE Champions to crash (com.scopely.whiplash) but John Cena told us you can't see it!

  • Launch and play Black Desert Mobile (com.pearlabyss.blackdesertm,, and com.pearlabyss.blackdesertm.tw2) without the game crashing or displaying a white screen.

  • Prepare for Interstellar exploration as you can now zoom in and out with ease in 星战前夜: 无烬星河

  • Record and share your videos without the video rotating on Facebook (com.facebook.katana).

  • No more camera-related issues or graphical glitches will stand in your way as you fight demonic armies in Diablo Immortal (com.blizzard.diablo.immortal).

  • Experience the thrills of combat without any error messages to stop you in Undecember (com.linegames.udg)

  • Images will no longer rotate sideways in Snapchat ( View your memories as they are meant to be seen!

  • No error messages will stop you in Dekaron G ( as you fulfill your destiny to destroy Karon.

  • Gear up for stunning real-time battles without the game freezing when you play 갓삼국 (com.krbn.godsanguo).

  • 战双帕弥什 (com.kurogame.haru.aligames) will no longer crash. Get ready to defeat the robot army!

  • Bid adieu to graphical issues in 프린세스 커넥트! Re:Dive (com.kakaogames.pcr).

  • Videos will no longer turn upside down on Instagram (

  • Build your dream world in Minecraft (com.mojang.minecraftpe) without the game crashing!

  • Camera-related issues will no longer bog you down in MeowFace (com.suvidriel.meowface).

  • Get ready to take control of your army of ants as 小小蚁国 ( will no longer get stuck!

  • Test your combat prowess without League of Legends: Wild Rift (com.riotgames.league.wildrift) crashing!

  • Play《英雄聯盟:激鬥峽谷》(com.riotgames.league.wildrifttw) without the game crashing!

  • Play 白猫ゴルフ (jp.colopl.wcgolf) without the game crashing or displaying a black screen!

  • Gear up for an immersive gaming experience as we have optimized the CPU usage up to 20% in Goddess of Victory: Nikke (com.proximabeta.nikke)!

  • Marvel snap (com.nvsgames.snap) and Standoff 2 (com.axlebolt.standoff2) will now launch faster than before with the extra boost we've provided to our engines!

Released on: December 15, 2022



| App Player Updates

1. You’ll now be able to launch the App Player by right-clicking on its icon and selecting "Run as administrator", if Hyper-V is enabled on your desktop/laptop. The pesky bug preventing this has been defeated and removed!

2. Tiny tweaks and minor enhancements have been made to the App Player for better performance in games like Marsaction: Infinite Ambition (leyi.marsactionpro), Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG ( and more. Game on!

Released on: December 14, 2022



| App Player Updates

1. Say goodbye to graphical glitches as you can now watch your favorite sporting events with better video quality on JioCinema - Sports, Movies, TV (

Released on: November 29, 2022



Main Updates

1. You can now play games that require additional updates, which will be applied without any glitches, so you can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience on BlueStacks X.

Released on: November 28, 2022



| App Player Updates

1. Minor improvements have been made to ensure that you get the most out of your gaming journey on the App Player.

Released on: November 23, 2022



Main Updates

1. Explore more games than you could before since BlueStacks X can now be resized in any direction.

2. Find the most popular games directly from the "Search bar", take a cue for your next gaming adventure from here.

3. Get to your favorite Android games a tad quicker as we have optimized BlueStacks X to load faster than before. Zip, zap, zoom!

4. Drag and drop screenshots easily and preview them before you submit a problem report. We’ve polished the Feedback tab and given it a good shine!

| App Player Updates

1. Gear up to save Mankind in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE (com.proximabeta.nikke) on BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit and Pie 64-bit and:

  • download in-game data or log in using Twitter without the game crashing.
  • enjoy an improved gameplay experience with a more stable FPS.

2. You can now play 勝利女神:妮姬 (com.gamamobi.nikke) without any hassles on BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit and Pie 64-bit as:

  • the game will no longer crash when you log in using Twitter.
  • we've taken care of some graphical glitches for smoother gameplay.

Get ready to recruit and command the warriors that will save mankind!

Released on: November 17, 2022


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