How to install ShowBox on BlueStacks 4?

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Installing ShowBox on PC cannot be more easier or quicker now. It doesn't even need to be said, but watching your favorite movies and shows on your computer is way better than watching them on mobile device.


The larger screen allows you to easily see the action and follow along. No more tapping on the wrong shows anymore. Now, you can use your mouse to quickly and easily browse titles and select the ones you want. 


People who love watching their favorite shows, movies and exclusive specials. 

BlueStacks Versions affected

All versions of BlueStacks 4. 

Geo’s affected

All Geo's 


1. Click on BlueStacks search and type "showbox" as shown below. Hit "enter" to search results. 


2. You'll see ShowBox icon. Click "Install" in order to install ShowBox.


3. It will start installing ShowBox. Once installation is complete, you can watch your favorite movies and shows. 


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Last updated on June 03, 2019.




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