How do I uninstall BlueStacks App Player on Mac OS X?

To uninstall BlueStacks App Player on MacOS, please do the following: 

1) Quit BlueStacks from our menu item: 

2) Drag the BlueStacks application from your Applications folder to the trash. 

3) Wait a couple of seconds until you see our uninstall tool, which gives you the option of purging your user data or preserving it for a future install of BlueStacks. Click on whichever option you choose. 

f you do not see our uninstall tool appear within a minute of dragging the BlueStacks application to the trash, then make sure that the BlueStacks App Player disk image has been ejected. If you find it on the desktop, CTRL-Click on it and select `Eject'. 

After ejecting the BlueStacks App Player disk image, our uninstall tool should appear after a couple of seconds.


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