Why have you not given me a Solution since I Filed a Problem Report?

How soon should I expect to receive a response?
If we have a quick resolution to offer, you'll received an email within a couple of days. However, please do be patient, we may not be able to respond to you personally. The analysis of logs and especially the diagnosis is a manual process and can take a few days. We rank issues based on their frequency and the criticality of their impact on our user community, and address them in rank order. So, it is entirely possible that your perception of our responsiveness may be governed by the fact that we either have not responded directly to you, or the issue you reported still remains to be addressed.

How will I know if my problem has been resolved?
It is possible that you may be using an older version of the BlueStacks App Player and a newer one is available, where, ideally, the particular problem you are experiencing may be resolved. One option to consider is to upgrade your App Player to the latest available version.

The BlueStacks App Player will display a notification when a new, major software update is available. We usually list the major issues that were resolved in a Company Update announcement on this support forum also.

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