Complete uninstall BlueStacks app player

This tutorial is based on BlueStacks App Player for Windows v and higher.

Sometimes users fail to uninstall BlueStacks app player due to one or more reasons. Follow the steps mentioned below for a clean uninstall  of the app player:

Note: After executing the following steps all the data on app player will be lost and can not be recovered back.

1. 'Restart' your machine and 'Quit' BlueStacks by following the steps mentioned in the URL.

2. Delete the following folders if they are still present
    a) C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks or C:\Program Files\BlueStacks
    b) C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks
    c) C:\ProgramData\BlueStacksSetup

3. Please delete all the files and folders that have “BST” in their name from the directory named temp as follows,
    a) Press Windows+R
    b) Type %temp%, this will bring up a Windows Explorer window
    c) Type "BST" in the Search box of the Explorer
    d) Delete all the files and folders.

4. Download and extract cleaning utility file.

5. Navigate to the extracted folder and double click both the files.

6. Restart the machine.

7. Uninstall Notification Center from Control Panel > Programs

8. Uninstall Bluestacks App player from Control Panel > Programs

The app player should completely uninstall from your system. To download the app player again please visit our website

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