How to update apps on the app player?

To update apps on the app player, follow any of the three methods mentioned below:

Method 1:

On some apps, a pop-up appears as shown below displaying a message "Update is available", click on the 'Update' button and follow the steps to update it. 

Method 2:

a) Go to home screen, you will observe an icon on the top-left corner as shown below:

b) Hold and drag the mouse downwards to see the notifications of the updates available for the installed apps.

Note: If no updates are available then you will not receive any notification to update apps.

c) Click on the notification and you will be directed to app store. Click on 'UPDATE ALL' button to update all the apps or click on individual apps to update them

Method 3:

a) On home screen, click on the search icon on the top-left corner.

b) Type-in the app name and press "Enter" or click on "Search"  and you will be directed to app store.

c) Now click on 'UPDATE' button to update the app.

Note: If no update is available for any particular app, the button caption will be 'UNINSTALL' instead of 'UPDATE'.

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