Whats new in BlueStacks 2

We have recently added BlueStacks TV in our latest release. Check the URL below for an introduction to BlueStacks TV.

BlueStacks TV

The BlueStacks 2 version lets you multitask to your heart's delight - Chat in one tab, Play in another tab, Stream videos in a third tab, Play Multiple Games... the possibilities are endless!

1) Android Tab: The Android tab lets you discover the most popular apps around the globe. 

 2) Each app / game launches in a new tab, switch between apps easily. 

3) You can also stream and watch videos while your chat and game sessions are in progress. 

4) The side Toolbar added on the app player will now allow access to many features without going to settings. Learn More on BlueStacks Side Toolbar 

5) Resize the screen by dragging window corners. Learn more on Screen Resizing.

6)  The back button is now available on left top just like any browser.

7) Increased/Doubled Storage Space: With BlueStacks 2, storage capacity has been increased to 32 GB ( i.e, 16 GB internal storage and 16 GB SD Card storage). More storage space means more apps can be installed. 

Please Note: This is only applicable on BlueStacks 2 fresh installs. However, if you have upgraded to BlueStacks 2 from earlier BlueStacks versions, you won't be able to get increased storage space. 

8)  Lots of improvements and bug fixes allowing many apps to run seamlessly.

9) Chat functionality added to the left toolbar so that you can chat with other users while you play your favorite app.

For details how you can use our chat feature available on BlueStacks please take a look at this URL 

If you face any difficulty using BlueStacks, please write to us at

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