System Requirements for BlueStacks 2

This article provides the system requirements for BlueStacks 2 installation:

  1. System Admin: You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  2. 2GB of usable RAM/main memory: Your PC must have 2GB of usable RAM/main memory (Note that having 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM). To view the installed memory and the usable memory, follow these steps (You may also refer this article):
    1. Click "windows icon/start button", right-click "Computer/This PC", and then click "Properties".
    2. View the Installed memory (RAM) value under System. For example, if it displays 4.00 GB (3.5 GB usable), this means that you have 3.5 GB of usable memory out of 4 GB of installed memory.
  3. Disk Space: Your PC must have 4GB  of disk space available for storing Android apps / games and their data.
  4. OpenGL & DirectX: There are two graphics mode widely used by the app developers i.e. DirectX and OpenGL. BlueStacks will first check for OpenGL (which interacts with graphics processing unit) else, will fallback to DirectX. Your must have DirectX 9.0 or higher installed on your system (Refer this article to check DirectX version).
  5. System's Graphics Drivers: Your system's graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks as described in the following post.
  6. .NET framework: Your PC must have .NET Framework 4.6, (You can download it from this URL) for Win 7 and above. For XP and Vista PC must have .Net Framework 4, (You can download it from this URL). 

Additional requirements:

For Windows Vista:

  1. Your PC must have Service Pack 2 (SP2), or higher, installed. (You can install it through Windows Update) 

For Windows XP:

  1. Your PC must have Service Pack 3 (SP3), or higher, installed. (You can install it through Windows Update) 
  2. Your PC must have Windows installer 4.5  installed. (You can download it from )

BlueStacks 2.0 is normally installed in the same drive where Windows is installed, usually C:\. However, during installation, you may choose to have all of the apps/data located on another drive.

We do not recommend installing BlueStacks if you have a virtual machine, e.g., Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, or Oracle Virtualbox, installed on the same PC.

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