BlueStacks 2 Side Toolbar

The New BlueStacks version 2 provides many features on the sidebar added on the left. Using BlueStacks TV to chatting with users in different chat rooms, installing an apk to changing app orientation to adjusting volume etc is also accessible easily. All the side tool bar features are listed below.

The side toolbar now has the added feature of using BlueStacks TV. Take a look at this URL to find out whats new on BlueStacks 2

1. Using BlueStacks TV: You can now stream any activity on your BlueStacks through Twitch or Facebook live, to hundreds of users across the globe and also watch recommended videos that are already available.

2. Chat with users in different chat rooms available under channels.

 3. Changing app orientation has now become easier. Just click on the first button on the side tool bar to change the app orientation mode from Landscape to Portrait & vice versa.

4. Shake feature if required within any app can be used by clicking second button on the side bar.

5. Capture screenshot: Third button allows you to capture a screenshot of the app player.

6. Location Button allows you to set up any random GPS location on BlueStacks, so that every app believes you are there!

7. APK Button: Through this button you can install any app by selecting the .apk file located on your system.

8. Import files: It has become easy to import files from windows to BlueStacks 2. Click on the folder icon to bring all your important files on your PC to BlueStacks.

9. Copy/Paste: Easy Copy and paste options are available on the sidebar now.

10. Volume: You can now enable or disable sound on the app player by clicking on the volume button.

11.  Help: Last button on bottom left of the app player as shown below will redirect you to our FAQ section.

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