BlueStacks 4: Introduction to Premium Subscription Plan Benefits

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This article will provide a primer on all the benefits of BlueStacks Premium subscription plan. Subscribers to the BlueStacks' Premium plan are treated very specially.

NOTE: BlueStacks Premium subscription does not prevent in-app/in-game advertisements, you will continue to see them even after purchasing the plan. These ads are displayed within the respective games and BlueStacks has no control over what happens within an app/game.


  1. A special priority support channel is available for premium users to ask questions, report problems and receive personalized solutions. Premium support requests are processed with a higher priority than routine requests.
  2. Premium subscription disables advertisements of sponsored apps on the BlueStacks app player. The elimination of advertisements offers a secondary benefit of reducing network bandwidth, CPU, memory and space consumption.
  3. If you have a Premium subscription, you will be redirected to the My Games tab instead of the Game Center after launching BlueStacks for quicker access to your apps.
  4. One premium subscription can be used on multiple PC's using the same account credentials with which the subscription was purchased. However, this is limited to a maximum of five systems and exceeding this limit might incur additional charges on your account.
  5. Users with a Premium subscription are able to translate different apps and pages using the "Auto-Translate" feature, without any limit. Whereas, users without a Premium subscription are limited to 100 translations per day.
  6. With a Premium subscription, the 'Discover apps' suggested app panel from the right side of BlueStacks automatically gets removed.
  7. You may now choose to disable any content on BlueStacks. Check this link for details.
  8. Last but not the least we provide you can apply wallpaper of your choice to our Premium subscribers only.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on June 29, 2020.

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