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Some apps require gameplay where Hero/Player/Avatar needs to move in indefinite directions. This article will help you with creating new key mappings for such games.


To enhance overall gaming experience with precise and smooth controls.


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This can be achieved by mapping the app as MOBA mapping. Where you need to right click and move your mouse in the desired direction, with this your hero avatar will also move in the same direction.

For eg, Mobile legends fall under this category. To illustrate, below we have mapped Mobile legends with MOBA mappings.

Step 1: Open Mobile legends app, open key mapping tool, go to Advanced Settings.

To start afresh you can clear all the mappings by clicking on the clear.PNG button on the Advanced Game Control window.

Step 2: Drag D-pad control and place it over the game touch area.


Step 3: After placing D-pad, use mouse right click to open control D-pad settings window. Where you can assign your favorite keys (WSAD mostly). Also there you need to check on the MOBA control mode checkbox and place hero dummy over hero.


NOTE: The WASD section of the settings window is greyed out when MOBA control mode is ticked.


In the screenshot below as you can see Hero dummy icon is placed right on the Game Hero/Avataar.



Field Description
X X coordinate of the D-pad. Automatically picked up from the location where the Dpad Control is placed
Y Y coordinate of the D-pad. Automatically picked up from the location where the D-pad Control is placed
Up Keyboard key assigned for Up action of D-pad Control
Down Keyboard key assigned for Down action of D-pad Control
Left Keyboard key assigned for the Left action of D-pad Control
Right Keyboard key assigned for the Right action of D-pad Control
Moba Control Mode Check if need to run D-pad in MOBA mode.
Hero Dummy Icon Place the Hero dummy icon on the center of the screen for calibration
Guidance Category Guidance string to show up on the game control window

Step 4: MOBA skill Pad

Just like MOBA movements, MOBA skills are attacks that can be cast in indefinite direction. Just like MOBA movements, these are also cast by pressing the mapped key and then moving the mouse in the desired direction.

Drag MOBA skill Pad on Hero skills


On placing MOBA skill pad, use mouse right click to open MOBA skill settings window. You can here assign your desired key for engaging that skill.

MOBA skill settings with “Q” key mapped for “Skill 1”

Field Description
X X coordinate of MOBA Skill
Y Y coordinate of the MOBA Skill
Activate Keyboard key assigned to activate Skill
Autocast Toggle Keyboard key assigned to toggle between active skill.
Cancel Keyboard key assigned to cancel activated skill
Cancel key icon Place icon on the cancel tap point
Dead Zone Radius Radius in which MOBA skill doesn't operate
Guidance Category Guidance string to show up on the game control window

Note: MOBA skills can be canceled by assigning Cancel skill key. In above example key “T” is mapped for canceling skills. Cancel key needs to be placed on the screen like the MOBA dummy hero

Upon mapping all the MOBA skills and MOBA movements, save the mapping by clicking “Save” on Advanced Game Control window.


On relaunching the app/Clicking keymap icon you can see guidance for all the Keys mapped in Game Control window.

We genuinely appreciate your choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support at bluestacks dot com. Thank you very much.

Last updated on August 30, 2018.

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