How to play Free Fire on BlueStacks 4

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This article will guide you on how to play on BlueStacks 4 with the best possible gameplay experience.

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What's new on the latest version of BlueStacks?

  • BlueStacks 4.230.10 brings massive sensitivity improvements to give you the finest ever gameplay in the game. The enhancements are available only on versions 4.230.10 and above.

Here's everything that awaits you!

Massive Sensitivity Enhancements Experience the finest ever gameplay with the latest tweaks and updates on the new BlueStacks. Stable mouse sensitivity under all circumstances, easy player handling, and flawless aiming make it a child's play to take headshots. Watch the video below to know what has changed on 4.230.10.

Enhanced smart controls These controls have truly changed how you can expertly control your character with less clutter on your screen.

Keyboard controls - You can view/edit keyboard controls by clicking on either the Game Guide icon, or the Game Controls Menu, as shown below. 

8.jpgGame settings - All the game settings you would need such as optimizing settings for butter-smooth gameplay, changing mouse sensitivity or viewing the game guide, are now all in one place. 


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For older versions of BlueStacks:

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Last updated on September 21, 2020.

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