Release Notes for older versions of BlueStacks on macOS

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BlueStacks 4.270 Release Notes

A new update for BlueStacks for macOS is now available. You can download it using the button below.

Download BlueStacks here


1. Some bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated in the latest version of BlueStacks for macOS.
2. Instagram ( lovers, it's time to celebrate! We have resolved the issues that were bugging you:

  • Videos from your Instagram feed won't be reversed or upside-down anymore.
  • Your lovely audience won't see a black screen when you live stream or share an image as your Insta Story.

3. You can now play Call of Duty: Mobile (com.activision.callofduty.shooter) without experiencing the crash issue at launch. Get ready to enter the battlefield, soldier!
4. Every player in FIFA Soccer ( will be visible from head to toe! We seized their invisibility cloaks before they could enter the field. 
5. Lineage2 Revolution (com.netmarble.revolutionthm) is now even more exciting without the black/blue screen issues. Now, lead the path of a hero without any obstacles. 
6. You can now play ETERNAL(エターナル)(com.asobimo.EternalOfficial) without experiencing a crash at launch. This marks the start of an epic adventure!
7. You can now login to ワールドウィッチーズ UNITED FRONT(ユナフロ)(com.worldwitchesunitedfront.forwardworks) and play the game without facing the crash at launch. A magic spell cleared away all the hiccups!
8. Play Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football ( on a field that's no longer black in color! An elite team of gardeners fixed the graphical error affecting the field. 
9. Claim the victory in FIFA MOBILE ( as crash won't bother you anymore! It seems like even bugs are afraid of red cards.
10. Enjoy playing Tales of Crestoria (com.bandainamcoent.crestoria_ww) without experiencing a black screen in Advanced graphics engine mode. Your heroes won't be covered in a veil of darkness any longer!
11. Play Urban Fisherman M (com.hanbitsoft.cityfishermanm) without seeing any graphics issues. It's time to go on the most epic fishing trip of your lifetime. 

BlueStacks 4.240 Release Notes


1. You can now install and use BlueStacks on macOS 11 Big Sur! Here's an early Christmas present to all of you from us. 
2. You will now be informed if your Mac lacks the required space to install BlueStacks. One hurdle has been removed from the path between you and Android gaming on BlueStacks.
3. Super Mecha Champions will run smoother than ever before on BlueStacks.Thanks to the inter-galactic mechanics, who owe us some favors. 
4. Guardian Tales will now play fabulously on BlueStacks. Now, carry out your journey as a hero and vanquish all evil.
5. Various other bug fixes have also taken place. All courtesy of our incredibly-skilled BlueStacks crew. You can leave your appreciation in the comments below.

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BlueStacks 4.230 Release Notes


1. The Disk cleanup tool has arrived to save the day! Free up any space an app may have left, after uninstallation.
2. You can now customize the FPS on BlueStacks as per your choice. All the power is in your hands!
3. You also have the option to view the FPS being displayed, while using BlueStacks. Keep up to date with all your frames.
4. Reset your game controls with the tap of a button! When in doubt, go with the original.
5. Now, easily resolve the issue where the Allow button would disappear for BlueStacks inside the System Preferences menu. The portal to Android gaming has been summoned!
6. After tinkering around under the hood, apps will now close within the span of a second. One click is all it takes.
7. We have found the cure for hiccups happening with the vehicle controls in PUBG Mobile. Charge into the battlezone and claim the victory!
8 The movement controls for Among Us have been enhanced! Explore every corner of your spaceship!
9. Our BlueStacks crew went to war against an army of bugs and came out victorious. Click on the link below to see the full list of bug fixes.

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BlueStacks 4.210 Release Notes


1. Landscape mode for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has arrived! Experience this epic saga that way it truly deserves. 
2. Call of Duty is all set to take you to the next level of gaming in this most recent version of BlueStacks for macOS. Dive in to feel the heat!
3. You can now solve internet connection issues which would pop-up due to DNS differences. 
4. Various bugs have been eradicated with the help of some extra-strong bug spray!

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