Keyboard controls for different screen resolutions in PUBG: Mobile on BlueStacks 4

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This article will guide you to choose the keyboard controls corresponding to different screen resolutions available in the BlueStacks game settings. 

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For BlueStacks 4.200 and above

On BlueStacks 4.200 and above, your control scheme will not change if you change the game resolution. To know more about the recommended settings for PUBG: Mobile on BlueStacks, please read this article.

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How to change the screen resolution? 

Here are the available screen resolutions for PUBG: Mobile on BlueStacks:

Screen resolution Corresponding control scheme
HD 720 P 720p
Full HD 1080 P 1080p
QHD 1440 P 1440p

To change your screen resolution, please follow the steps below:

1. Launch PUBG: Mobile.


2. After the game launches, please click on the gear icon on the side toolbar to open 'Game settings', as shown below.


3. On the 'Game settings' page, select the desired screen resolution under the 'In-game resolution' section.


4. Click on Save to keep these changes.


5. You will then be asked to restart the game for these changes to take place. Select Restart now. The game will then restart with the new screen resolution.


How to change the control scheme for PUBG: Mobile?

1. Launch PUBG: Mobile.


2. After the game launches, open the Game guide by clicking on its icon on the side toolbar, as shown below.


3. Under the Scheme section, you will see a dropdown menu. Select the desired control scheme from this menu.


4. The controls for the selected scheme will be displayed on the Game guide window, as shown below. To know more about the game guide, please refer to this article.


For BlueStacks 4.190 and below

How to choose controls for different resolutions? 

There are corresponding controls available for every screen resolution present within the game settings for PUBG Mobile.

Screen resolution Corresponding control scheme
HD 720 P 720p
Full HD 1080 P 1080p

You can choose the relevant controls by following these simple steps:

1. Click on the Bulb icon as shown below.

2. Go to the Controls tab and then select 1080P.


3. Upon selection, the 1080p keyboard scheme is automatically loaded.


4. Click the same bulb icon, go to settings and then select FHD 1080P from the In-game resolution menu. 


5. Click on Save changes and now you can enjoy the game on 1080p screen resolution. 


As shown above, you can select the corresponding key controls for other mentioned screen resolutions as well.

Note: When you select a particular keyboard control scheme, you will lose any customizations made by you to the default keyboard controls scheme. You'll have to apply the customizations once again. You may refer to our help article How to view or edit existing keyboard controls in BlueStacks 4?

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks! We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on January 19, 2020

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