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BlueStacks 4.140 - Smart Controls for Call of Duty: Mobile

How will this help?

This article will introduce you to our all-new smart controls, which will dramatically improve your response times by entering and exiting Shooting mode automatically. 

For convenience, this article is further divided into two sections. To navigate to the required section, click on the respective link below:

What are smart controls?

Smart controls will help reduce the time to enter and exit Shooting Mode manually. This is achieved by BlueStacks understanding the game state and enabling/disabling the Shooting Mode automatically. It avoids the need for the user to manually enable/disable Shooting Mode during gameplay, improving response time and enhancing the gaming experience. 

The user when playing COD: Mobile on BlueStacks will see a notification saying that the smart controls are activated and F1 can be used to override the controls.


NOTE: Smart controls for Call of Duty: Mobile is enabled by default in the BlueStacks settings, you can turn it off by unchecking the checkbox as shown in the screenshots below.

Smart controls Activated:


Smart controls Deactivated:


Why use smart controls?

Smart controls will tremendously enhance your gameplay experience in the following ways:

1) After finishing the Bootcamp tutorial, the player enters the game home screen to explore some of the other menus in the game. Hence, can use the mouse to select items. BlueStacks automatically detects the state of the game.


2) The moment you commence the game after selecting multiplayer or battle royale mode and the game starts after you have selected your desired Loadout, you enter the shooting mode automatically and hover the mouse to rotate the player's view, shoot with left click and aim with right-click.


3) When during gameplay the user tries to access the map, the player comes out of Shooting Mode automatically and the user does not have to exit Shooting mode to interact with the map and as soon as the user will be done with the map and closes it, the player will automatically enter into Shooting mode again.


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