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This article will provide you with various solutions for issues that you may encounter while installing/running/updating a game through the Google Play Store.

How can I resolve the problems?

Please click on the issue which you are facing below. This will then redirect you to the relevant section in this article.

In the event that your problem is not listed above, please send a problem report and our Support team will get back to you. To learn how to send a problem report, click here.

The application is not available in your region.

Some applications/games are specific to a certain country or region. While that can be heartbreaking, we've got the perfect solution to navigate around this problem.

An example of what you will see when trying to download such an application/game is shown below.


The solution to this is to visit You can download the .apk file of almost all applications/games on this website. To install the .apk file in BlueStacks, please follow the steps below.

1. Inside the My games tab of BlueStacks, click on the three bars given next to 'Personalize' and select the option to Install apk, as shown below.


2. This will open up a Windows Explorer pop-up. From here, navigate to the desired .apk file in order to install it.


For a more detailed guide on installing .apk files on BlueStacks, click here.

Incompatible device profile.

Some apps only work with certain device profiles on BlueStacks. In such a case, you will find a message, like the one shown below, when you try to download an app.


You can resolve any such issues by simply switching the device profile to one which will let you use the app. To learn how to do so, click this link here.

How to clear the cache.

A build-up of cache can hinder the installation and/or running process of an application in BlueStacks. Clearing the cache could help resolve those issues.

To learn how to clear the cache, follow this link. 

How to clear Google data.

Clearing Google data enables you to resolve the following two scenarios, which you may face while downloading an app.

1. After clicking on install, the app gets stuck on the "Waiting for download" message. 


2. Upon searching for an app, you receive the message "item not found"


NOTE: If you're still receiving the "item not found" message while searching for an app, you can download its .apk file from a third-party site, such as this. You can also refer to this detailed guide to learn how to do this. 

Verify the Android version.

As BlueStacks supports Android 7 and below, some applications require a higher version of Android to run. An example of this is Minecraft Earth. To avoid this problem:

1. Visit and search for the application/game which you wish to download.

2. Now check which Android version is supported by simply scrolling down until you come across the "Additional Information" section in the application page. An example is shown below, from Minecraft Earth.


Application not searchable on Play Store

The most likely reason for the app not appearing on Play Store is that the app is only available for 64-bit Android.

To know how to find and run applications that only support 64-bit Android, please read this detailed guide.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on December 4, 2020

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