BlueStacks 4.190 - How to use the multiple instances

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In BlueStacks versions 4.190 and below, more power is provided to you on every instance you would like to create. Customizing each instance is now easier than ever.

If this is the first time using BlueStacks, never fear. In addition to these changes, the basics of how and where to use this powerful tool are also explained below.

What is the Multi-instance manager?

The multi-instance manager lets you create, arrange and manage instances with ease.

You may launch it from the separate shortcut to create and manage instances without even launching BlueStacks. 

1) You can also launch it in BlueStacks itself.
On opening BlueStacks, click on the three dots, which you will see on the side toolbar.


2) Select the multi-instance manager.


3) On clicking that, a new window will be shown where you can manage your instances. This includes creating, arranging, stopping various instances and many more features:


New instance - Clicking on this will create a new instance.

Arrange - In the case when you have multiple instances of BlueStacks running, this will neatly arrange them on your screen.

Search - Here you can search for the instances you have created by name.

Stop - This will stop the specific instance of BlueStacks.

Stop all - This will stop all instances of BlueStacks.

4) After clicking on "New instance" a new window will be shown wherein you can customize the instance in a variety of ways.


  • Fresh instance - This will create a fresh instance of BlueStacks. You will be able to customize the settings of the new instance in numerous ways.


  • Performance - You can specify which performance mode you would like to run this instance in, namely "High", "Medium", "Low" and "Custom".
    Select the mode according to your preference/needs.


  • Resolution - Here you can choose various resolutions and choose between "Landscape", "Portrait" and also "Custom" wherein you can customize the resolution to your heart's desire.


  • ABI Settings and DPI - You can customize the ABI mode from "Auto" to "ARM" for any specific instance. The DPI can also be customized according to your preference.


  • Instance count - You can also customize the number of instances you would like to create. Simply select the number and click on "Create".


Cloning an instance

Cloning an instance simply means that a new instance that's created will be identical to the instance you chose to be cloned.

To clone an instance, simply click on "Clone instance".


You will then be able to choose which instance of BlueStacks to clone from in addition to various other options.


Have some questions?

Q. How can I see the list of instances of games launched with the Multi-Instance Manager?
A. After opening the multi-instance manager, it will show the list of instances created there itself. There you can clearly see any and all instances that are running.

Q. While running multiple instances, BlueStacks performs slower than usual. What can I do?
Multi-Instance Manager is performance-intensive as it runs multiple instances of a particular game. To help improve performance, check out this guide for detailed tips.

Q. If I reinstall BlueStacks, will my data be saved for other instances?
A. It depends on what type of data is in question. Apps that allow online syncing will save your game progress. Information about the created instances will be saved if you backup your data.

Q. Can I backup my data on a particular instance?
A. You may only take a backup on the parent/default instance. This backups up the data for all the instances.

Q. Can I create multiple instances and play with the same account in each?
Playing with the same account simultaneously across different instances is an in-app feature that can be toggled in the particular apps settings menu. For others, it might be automatically enabled. Some apps like Call of Duty: Mobile do not support this.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks! We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on July 1, 2020.

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