BlueStacks 4.190 Release Notes



Gameplay improvements in MOBA games.

You now have a wide arsenal of key controls to choose from in MOBA games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you're familiar with games like Dota, MOBA controls have been constructed keeping your playstyle in mind. To learn more, click here.

Steering wheel is here! Drift away. 

Precision key controls, for the steering wheel, are now here for driving games like Dr. Driving, Real Racing 3, etc.  Customize your driving experience in BlueStacks by clicking here

 Gameplay improvements in various games. 

Games such as Free Fire have been brushed with a beautification tool. Key controls have been tuned to greater perfection.

Gamepad control names have been modified.

The gamepad control names have just graduated and are now easier to understand. For example, "Right trigger" is now "RT". "Left trigger" is now "LT". Simplicity is the key. To learn more, click here.

Performance fixes

  • We have reduced the minuscule time delay while switching control schemes. Every second counts in the 21st century.
  • Users with high-end machines will now notice less CPU usage. Winter has arrived, for your CPU.
  • Gamepad performance has been enhanced. Your controller has been put on a healthy diet.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved app crash issue that some users on AMD machines were facing. 
  • IDOLM @ STER Shiny Colour (com.bandainamcoent.shinycolors) has been optimized on BlueStacks
  • A graphical issue with SEGA Heroes (com.sega.puzzlerpg) has been fixed. Expect flawless eye candy.
  • Black/White screen issue has been fixed for Chaos Fighters3 - Kungfu fighting (com.motu.ldt3.twft). Yin has met Yang.
  • A graphical issue with NBA Live ( has been fixed.
  • A graphical issue with Phantom: Tang Dynasty (com.yoozoogames.ptd )has been fixed.
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