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This article will teach you how to play State of Survival on the latest version of BlueStacks with the best possible gameplay experience on your PC/laptop.

Watch this in-depth video on how to play State of Survival on BlueStacks, below.

All about State of Survival on BlueStacks

Set game reminders for important events: Now, you can use the brand-new UTC converter to set reminders and keep track of all your in-game events. It even lets you convert the time of the events to your local time. Follow the link above or watch the video below to know more.

Use the improved in-game chat: The chat feature in State of Survival is no more just about mouse clicks and control keys. Now, you can chat using only your keyboard, which allows for a much faster chat experience in-game.


Smart Edge Scrolling: The trend-setting Smart Edge Scrolling is activated by default for State of Survival on the latest BlueStacks. Scroll through the map by simply dragging your mouse over to the edge while playing in fullscreen. You can even customize the scroll settings and speed.


Play State of Survival at 60FPSBy using the settings provided on the given link, you will be able to hit that coveted 60FPS mark in State of Survival. Zombies can now be annihilated at the highest frame rate possible.


Key controlsAll the keyboard controls with their corresponding actions can be seen in just one click. You can also edit the keyboard controls if you wish. For the full list of controls, click on the link above.


Hide key controls: You can reduce the visibility, or completely hide the key controls on your screen when you're in-game. You get to choose what to keep on your game screen.


How to play State of Survival

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Last updated on September 25, 2020.

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