Keyboard controls for State of Survival in BlueStacks 4

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Being familiar with the keyboard controls in State of Survival will directly influence your chances of survival.

Listed below are all the keyboard controls you will need. However, you can also edit the controls if your play style is different from the assigned key controls.

NOTE: In case you'd like to play State of Survival at 60 FPS. In case you would like to resolve any issues experienced while playing, please refer to this article.

What are the key controls?

You can also view the keyboard controls, in a matter of seconds, by following the two steps mentioned below. All the keyboard controls are listed out later on.

Launch State of Survival from your BlueStacks home screen.


Click on the "bulb icon" to open the "Game guide", as shown below.


All the keyboard controls with their corresponding actions will then be shown. You can also edit the keyboard controls if you wish by clicking on the "Edit" button as shown below.


Key controls for zoom in/out

Assigned function Key
Zoom In UP (Arrow key)
Zoom out DOWN (Arrow key)
Zoom in/out CTRL + Mousewheel

Key controls for combat

Assigned function Key
Auto Q
Step out P
Inventory/Speed Tab

Key controls for General actions

Assigned function Key
Open/Close Map M
Chat C
Send chat Enter

NOTE: To open the chat, press "C". After typing your message, to send the chat press "Enter". For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Key controls for Camera movement

Assigned function Key
Move up W
Move left A
Move down S
Move right D

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Last updated on Sept 1, 2020.

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