How to hide keyboard controls on BlueStacks 4

How does this help?

Using this, you can reduce the visibility, or completely hide, the key controls on your screen when you're in-game. 

If you're on BlueStacks version 4.230 or above, you can learn how to hide key controls using the Game Controls menu by dragging the slide bar beside "Opacity" to the left.

How can I hide them?

Please note, you can apply this in all games on BlueStacks.

First, launch any game of your choice in BlueStacks. 


After launching a game, click on the "eye" icon, as shown below. 


You will then see a slider show up beside the icon. There are two ways to operate this:

1) To decrease visibility, move the slider to the left.

2) To increase visibility, move the slider to the right.


The two images below will give you a brief idea of how this works.

Keyboard controls visibility set to maximum. 


Keyboard controls visibility set to minimum.


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Last updated on March 24, 2020.

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