Keyboard controls for PUBG: Mobile on BlueStacks 4.205 and above

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A game as immense as PUBG: Mobile has a variety of key controls for every action. The steps listed below will aid you in how to view and edit keyboard controls. 

For easier navigation, we have divided this guide into two distinct sections. You can learn how to view key controls right below. To learn how to edit key controls, click here.

How can I view key controls?

1. To view all the keyboard controls, first launch PUBG: Mobile from your BlueStacks home screen.


2. Next, click on the game guide icon, as shown below.


3. A new window will open alongside from where you can view various keyboard controls for PUBG: Mobile, as shown below.


 Key controls for combat. 

Keys Assigned Function
F1 Shooting mode 
X Suspend shooting mode 
0.3 Mouse sensitivity
Q Lean left 
E Lean right 
R Reload
4 Grenade
B Firing mode toggle 
1 Weapon 1
2 Weapon 2 
3 Weapon 3
B Firing mode toggle 
V Revive
F4 Scope switch

Key controls for chat/communication.

Keys Assigned Function
F2 Chat
T User mic
F3 Voice channel

Key controls for general actions.

Keys Assigned Function
TAB Inventory
M Map
F Open door

Key controls for movement. 

Keys Assigned Function
W, A, S, D Move forward, move backward, Move left, Move right
SHIFT Sprint
P Sprint lock
C Crouch
Z Prone
UP Swim up
DOWN Swim down

Key controls for vehicles.

Keys Assigned Function
F Drive
G Get-in
F Exit

How can I edit key controls?

1. To edit key controls, launch the game guide after opening PUBG: Mobile in BlueStacks. 


2. Next, click on the "Edit" icon on the bottom right of the game guide, as shown below.

3. Select a key control you would wish to edit. For example, we would like to edit the key control for "Inventory".


4. Next, perform the action on your keyboard. For example, we would like to open "Inventory" with "CTRL". This will then appear in the game guide, as shown below.  Remember to click on "Save" after you are done.


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Last updated on May 11, 2020.

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