Tips for enhancing performance in Rise of Kingdoms

How will this help?

This article will acquaint you with different tips that can help improve performance in Rise of Kingdoms, and consequently, help in resolving lag or stuttering gameplay.

How can I enhance performance?

1. Launch Rise of Kingdoms and click on your character avatar, as shown below.


2. Now, click on "Settings".


3. Here, choose "General Settings".


You can now do three things within the general settings for Rise of Kingdoms that can lead to improved performance:

1. Adjust the graphics quality.

You can switch between the different graphics quality options within Rise of Kingdoms and choose one that provides you optimal performance within the game. 


2. Tweak the frame rate.

Next, you can also try changing the frame rate selected for Rise of Kingdoms in order to achieve the best gameplay experience. 


3. Use "Simplify Graphics" mode.

This mode significantly lessens the animation for your troops, which can improve the overall performance within Rise of Kingdom. You can use the "Simplify graphics" mode by following the steps below:

1. Within the general settings, scroll down and enable the "Simplify Graphics" mode.


2. Head back into the map and make sure the checkbox before "Simplify Graphics" is ticked.       


"Simpify Graphics" mode ON:

The animation for your troops is reduced, as shown in the image below.


"Simpify Graphics" mode OFF:

The animation will be increased for your troops and you will see more of them on your screen.


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Last updated on Jan 14, 2020.

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