Notifications mode on BlueStacks 4.240 and above

What is the Notifications mode?

The detailed article will help you explore the Notifications mode in BlueStacks 4.240 to BlueStacks 4.250 and guide you on how to use it. 

This article talks about the following:

What's new in this version of BlueStacks?

  • Desktop notifications have been brought back on your request on BlueStacks 4.240 and above. The image below shows what Desktop notifications look like.
  • You now have the option to enable Desktop notifications for your favorite apps.


Features of the Notifications mode

  • One place for accessing all your notifications: Even when you are not playing or while BlueStacks is running in the foreground, the BlueStacks icon will appear and show you the number of unread notifications when you get a new notification.
  • Granular control: You can easily choose the apps for which you want to see the notifications and the kind of notifications you want to see for each app.
  • Focus on the task at hand: BlueStacks is minimized to the system tray in the notification mode.
  • Save power on your PC: All apps within BlueStacks remain closed in this mode and this helps save power consumption.
  • You can enable sound alerts for your notifications.
  • You also have the option to snooze your notifications.

How to enable Notifications mode and personalize notifications

1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right side of the BlueStacks screen.


2. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.


3. On the Settings page, select the Notifications tab.


4. Under this tab, the first section lets you toggle between switching the Notification mode on or off. Clicking on the slider next to "Notification mode" changes its status.

The image below shows the Notification mode in the enabled state.


5. Below this is the section for Notification preferences. Here, you can toggle the following settings by clicking on their respective sliders:

  • Sound alerts for your notifications.
  • Ribbon notifications: Notifications that slide in on the top-right when you complete quests.
  • Toast notifications: Notifications shown on-screen for actions such as connecting a gamepad or taking a screenshot. We recommend keeping this ON.
  • Notifications related to your gamepad.


6. Scroll down to reach the App notifications section. Here, you can control which apps you would like to receive Bell and Desktop notifications for, by turning the slider next to them On/Off.

A blue slider indicates that the selected type of notification is enabled for that app.


Entering the Notification mode

1. Click on X at the top right corner to close BlueStacks.


2. If you haven't enabled the Notification Mode in BlueStacks settings, a Notifications popup will show up. Click on Yes to enable Notifications mode.


NOTE: If you have already enabled it in the settings, there will be no popup and you may skip to the next step.

3. BlueStacks will now be minimized and a new popup message will show up in the system tray, as shown in the image. You can close this popup by clicking on the cross on top. Otherwise, it will automatically disappear in a few seconds.

Also note that the BlueStacks icon is not showing on the taskbar, indicating that the BlueStacks app is not running anymore.


4. If you get a new notification after entering the Notification mode, the BlueStacks icon appears in the taskbar with a number on top, as shown in the image. This is the number of unread notifications that are waiting for your attention.

You will also hear sound alerts for the new notifications if you have enabled them in the settings.

Click on the BlueStacks icon to view the notifications.


5. When you click on the icon, BlueStacks will open with a list of all the unread Bell notifications for your apps, as shown in the image below.

If you want to take an action on any of the notifications, simply click on it and the respective game will launch. 

Otherwise, click on the Bell icon on top to make the Bell notifications menu disappear. 


Snoozing notifications for any app

If you wish to snooze notifications for one or more apps, you may do so by the following these steps:

1. Please click on the Bell notifications icon, as shown below.


2. From the drop-down list of Notifications, place your cursor on the notification from the app whose notifications you want to snooze.

As the image shows, a new set of options appear on the top right of this notification.


3. From this new set of options, click on the Crossed Bell icon. 


4. A menu will appear that will let you decide for how long you want to snooze the notifications from an app. You can choose from 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or Forever.

Choosing Forever will permanently disable notifications from that app. You may change this at any time from App Notifications under Notification settings.


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks, we hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on September 29, 2020.

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