BlueStacks 4.230.10 and above - Improved mouse control for playing Garena Free Fire

How will this help?

We've made some major improvements to in-game mouse sensitivity in Free Fire on BlueStacks. Please ensure you are on BlueStacks 4.230.10 or above to use these improved settings.

What has been fixed?

Watch the video below to know what has changed.

The following improvements have been made to the sensitivity for Free Fire:

  • Mouse sensitivity will no longer fluctuate during gameplay.
  • Mouse aiming will no longer get stuck.
  • Experience precision shooting with improved key controls provided by BlueStacks for playing Free Fire.
  • Take your beloved headshots with ease and greater accuracy

How can I play Free Fire with these fixes?

If you're a new user:

  1. Please ensure you are on BlueStacks version 4.230.10 or above. For new users, all optimization settings are enabled by default. 

If you have updated BlueStacks and are using the default control scheme:

  1. If you have updated to the latest version, the mouse sensitivity issues should be fixed by default. However, if you are still facing the issue, it might be possible that you haven't got the latest BlueStacks in-built schemes which are "Standard" and "Smart". Please follow the steps here to get the latest in-built schemes.

If you have updated BlueStacks and are using a custom control scheme:

  1. Add Tweak in Advanced Editor: Add "16450" next to "Tweaks" in Aim, Pan and Shoot settings in BlueStacks advanced controls editor. 

To further enhance your gameplay:

Once you have applied the changes mentioned above, you can further enhance your gameplay experience by enabling the settings below:

  1. Optimize BlueStacks settings.
  2. Optimize in-game Free Fire control settings: It is highly recommended that the Aim Precision is set to Default and Left Fire Button to Scope Only.

Clicking on the links above will redirect you to sections within this article for detailed steps to each of these.

Updating the default controls on BlueStacks

1. To update the default control configuration for Free Fire, launch the game and click on the Game controls icon, as shown below.


2. From the menu, select Open advanced editor.


3. On the Controls editor window, click on the Update controls button. Your default control schemes will be updated in a few moments. You will be notified once the update is complete. 


Adding tweaks to Aim, pan and shoot settings

This step is needed only if you use a custom/edited control scheme for playing Free Fire.

1. Launch Free Fire and click on the Game controls icon, as shown below. 


2. From the menu, select Open advanced editor.


3. You will see a layout of keys placed on your screen. Locate and right-click on the icon for panning, as shown below.


4. This will open the Pan settings. Click on the Tweaks bar and type 16450, as shown below.

To save the changes, close the 'Pan settings' window and click on Save on the lower right corner.


Optimizing BlueStacks settings

1. Launch Free Fire and click on the gear icon on the side toolbar, as shown below. 


2. On the Settings page, make sure the box next to Optimize in-game settings is checked. If it isn't, please click on it to check it, as shown in the image.


Optimizing in-game Free Fire control settings

1. Launch Free Fire. Inside the game, click on the gear icon available at the top right corner, as shown below.  


2. On the next screen, click on the Controls tab.


3. There are two settings to be changed here. These are:

  • Aim Precision set to "Default".
  • Left Fire Button set to "Scope Only".

These changes will be saved automatically. 


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on September 8, 2020.


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