Rise of Kingdoms: How to resolve game loading and crash issues on BlueStacks 4

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You may sometimes face loading issues while trying to launch Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), like the game getting stuck on the first screen or the game crashing while you're playing. This troubleshooting guide will help you resolve these issues on BlueStacks in no time.

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1. Clear the cache for Rise of Kingdoms

2. Check for any pending updates on Play Store for ROK

3. Reinstall ROK

4. Last resort - reinstall BlueStacks

How to resolve issues with the launching of RoK

To play Rise of Kingdoms without any problems, please follow the easy troubleshooting steps given below. 

1. Clear app cache: This step is the quickest way to solve all your problems in just a few clicks. It helps you clear the cache files from the game, which might be causing issues in launching the game.


2. Check for RoK updates on Play Store: If clearing the app cache does not solve the loading issue, you should look for the available game updates on Play Store. Games often receive updates that might cause issues in starting the existing version of the game on your device. Updating the app should get rid of hiccups like crashes or game freeze.


3. Reinstall Rise of Kingdoms: If you are still facing similar issues even after updating Rise of Kingdoms, reinstalling the game will get things done for you. After backing up your data, uninstall RoK completely and then reinstall the game. 

NOTE: Make sure to either backup your data before uninstalling or login on ROK using your Facebook account, which automatically saves your data.


4. Reinstall BlueStacks: If all else fails, reinstalling BlueStacks is the last resort. This will clear any corrupt game files from your system and start things afresh for you. 


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Last updated on September 4, 2020.

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