Farming tips for Rise of Kingdoms on BlueStacks 4

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Before starting a city on your farm account, we highly recommend you browse through the various tips and tricks that will help you gather resources quickly. These tips encompass everything from selecting your civilization to customizing your commanders and many more. 

How can I maximize farming?

The various tips and tricks mentioned below will help you maximize farming speed as well as improve resource gathering. 

  1. Best civilizations for a farm account.
  2. Best upgrades for your city
  3. Technologies to research first
  4. Collecting runes to maximize resource gathering speed.
  5. Commander tips for farming.

1. Best civilizations for a farming account

Certain civilizations come with various perks that can help in farming resources at an accelerated rate. 

France: With France, you can accelerate your wood gathering speed by 10%. You also get an increase in hospital healing speed for your warriors.

Rome: This provides a 10% speed boost for food gathering and also quickens moving speed for your units.

Japan: This gives a 5% increase in the speed of gathering all resources. Japan is mostly useful for farming gold. 

Byzantium: With this, you get a 10% speed boost while gathering stone. If your main city is in need of stone, this civilization is especially useful.

Spain: With Spain, you get a huge 20% boost in resource production.

To select a civilization of your choice, click on "Confirm".


2. Best upgrades for a farm account

There are a few upgrades you should make as soon as possible to your city to maximize resource farming. 

1) Quickly upgrade your City Hall to level 11.

2) Upgrade resource production buildings: To maximize farming speed and capacity, upgrade your resource production buildings for Gold, Stone and Wood. You will also receive lots of passive income throughout the game.

3) Trading post: To reduce the fee when transferring resources from your farm account to your main account, it is highly recommended you upgrade your Trading post as that reduces the fee for transferring resources.

4) Researching Technologies: Prioritize the technologies in the "Economy" tab. 

5) Storage: This helps you to store resources as well as to minimize resources lost if you get raided.

6) Upgrade Hospital: This ensures you don't have to train a lot of troops in the long run which then saves resources. 

7) Commanders: We highly recommend you max out all of your farming commanders as quickly as possible for various farming benefits.

3. Important technologies to research

For maximum farming, there are certain technologies that you should focus on first, besides any other. These technologies can be found in the "Economy" tab, as shown below.


Technologies can be upgraded using the Academy, which you can construct when your City Hall reaches level 4. 

To help in researching technologies, we highly recommend you max out "Engineering" and "Mathematics" as that increases researching and building speed.

4. Collecting Runes

Collecting certain types of Runes, that increase farming speed, can be immensely beneficial for gathering resources.  They will provide a resource collection speed boost, that reduces the time taken to farm resources.

Please note, this is only applicable to Runes that help in resource gathering. As such, we highly suggest prioritizing such Runes. These Runes are dropped by Guardians at Altars and Sanctums.

5. Commander buffs

There are certain commanders that are extremely useful for farming. A few are:

  • Sarka
  • Gaius Marius
  • Joan of Arc

Once you have selected your commander, you can customize them in certain ways to help in farming.

Commander clothing: Equip your commander with gear which helps in resource gathering. This gear is usually basic and easy to acquire. 

Talent trees: For these commanders, ensure that their talent trees are upgraded in such a way as to help with the gathering of resources.

Medal store: Through this, you can unlock and increase the power of your commanders by buying their sculptures or resource packs.

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Last updated on October 21, 2020.

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