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How to play Among Us on BlueStacks for macOS

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This article will teach you everything you need to know about playing Among Us on BlueStacks for macOS. Click on the links below to: 

How can I install Among Us?

1. Launch BlueStacks and open the Google Playstore.

11.png2. Within the Google Playstore, click on the search bar,  as shown below.

12.png3. Now, type Among Us and click on Install, when you find the app.

13.pngAmong Us will now get installed on BlueStacks.


What are the controls for Among Us?

There are two different control schemes in Among Us for you to choose from, Joystick and Touch. Let us go through both of them.

Joystick control scheme - This control scheme  lets you use your keyboard in order to move around in the game. The controls for this scheme are given below

Assigned function Key
Move up W
Move left A
Move down S
Move right D
Action Space
Map Tab
Report E
Kill Q
Send chat Enter
Open Chat C

Touch control scheme - This control scheme allows you to use your mouse for moving around in the game. The controls for this scheme are mentioned below.

Assigned function Key
Movement Mouse-click 
Action Space
Map Tab
Report E
Kill Q
Send chat Enter
Open Chat C

NOTE: If you're experiencing any issues with using the movement controls within the game, please refer to this article which will help you resolve any such issues.

How can I select the control schemes?

The steps given below will teach you how to select either the Joystick or Touch control scheme for playing Among Us on BlueStacks.

1. Launch BlueStacks and open Among Us.


2. Once the game starts, open the settings from its menu screen, as shown below.


3. Within the settings, select either the Joystick or Touch control scheme, as per your choice. Let's choose the Joystick scheme, as an example.


4. Now, head to the menu bar at the top.


5. Here, open the Actions tab and click on Open keyboard controls UI.


6. The Game controls menu will open up. Here, click and open the device profile list, as show below.


7. Now, select the scheme which is currently selected within the game on BlueStacks.


8. Once done, click on OK at the bottom of the Game controls menu.


9. Finally, a pop-up will appear asking you to save the changes. Click on Yes to proceed.


You will now be able to play Among Us with your preferred control scheme on BlueStacks for macOS.

Learn more about Among Us

To learn more about Among Us and various tips and tricks, please visit our dedicated blog.

You can also browse through our official Youtube channel for any videos related to Among Us. 

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