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What to do if you can't access internet on BlueStacks for macOS due to a different DNS

How can I resolve this?

You may experience internet connection issues if your internet's DNS is different than the DNS set on BlueStacks for macOS.

This article will teach you how to get past this issue by setting up a proxy for BlueStacks with the help of the "confighttpproxy" tool, we have created. Click on the links below to learn how to: 

How can I use a proxy with BlueStacks?

The steps given below will teach you how to set up a proxy that you can use with BlueStacks.

1. After launching BlueStacks, open the Launchpad from the dock.


2. Here, type in "Terminal" in the search bar and open the application.


3.  Once Terminal launches, enter the following command: 



4. After you do that, Terminal will show the following text.

confighttpproxy set <host> <port> 
confighttpproxy reset

4.png5. Now to set the proxy, enter the command given below, but replace <host> <port> with the IP address of the proxy you wish to use.

/Applications/ set <host> <port>  

5.pngNOTE: " 88" is the proxy being used in the image above.

6. The proxy that you want to use with BlueStacks on macOS will now be successfully set up.

6.pngNow to begin using the proxy, simply restart BlueStacks.

How can I disable the proxy used for BlueStacks?

If you wish to disable the proxy set up for BlueStacks, follow the steps given below.

1. After opening BlueStacks, click on Launchpad from the dock.


2. Now, type in "Terminal" in the search bar and open the application.


3. Here, enter the following command: 

 /Applications/ reset


4. BlueStacks will now restart and it will no longer use the proxy set up for it. The message is shown in the image below confirms that the proxy is no longer in use. 


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