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How to use notifications on BlueStacks for macOS

How will this help?

Notifications keep you informed about all that's happening in the apps you have installed as well as much more about BlueStacks for macOS.

This article will guide you on using notifications on BlueStacks for macOS. Click on the links below to learn how to:

How can I enable it?

1. Launch BlueStacks and go to the menu bar at the top.


2. Now, select the BlueStacks tab and then click on Preferences in the drop-down menu.


3. The Preferences menu will appear in front of you. Here, navigate to the Notifications section.


4. Check the box next to the option "Show desktop notifications".


5. You will now start receiving notifications on BlueStacks.


6. To stop receiving them, simply uncheck the box next to the option "Show desktop notifications".


How can I customize them?

1. After you have enabled notifications, check the box for the option "Use custom notifications setting for installed apps".


2. You will now find a list that includes BlueStacks and all the apps installed on it.


3. To choose whether to receive notifications from BlueStacks and any of your apps, simply check/uncheck the box for the "Show" option next to them.


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