Farming tips for Lords Mobile on BlueStacks 4

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This article will guide you on how to gather resources faster and grow quickly in Lords Mobile on BlueStacks 4

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How can I farm easily?

The various tips and tricks mentioned below will help you farm efficiently:

  1. Construct resource buildings
  2. Strategize your Turf setup
  3. Farm resources on the world map
  4. Assign Heroes who enhance farming
  5. Complete quests
  6. Choose the best gear

1. Constructing resource buildings.

There are five different buildings you can construct to get either food, timber, ore, stone or gold. Let us see which they are:

Farms: You can create farms to produce food and they can be upgraded up to level 25. Food is required to sustain troops, which is why it is important to upgrade one's farms. A fully upgraded farm can produce 38,210 food per hour.  


Mines: They allow you to produce ore, which is needed for upgrading buildings, conducting researches, and so on. After upgrading a mine to level 25, it will produce 22,940 ore per hour.  


Lumber Mill: These let you gather timber, which is used for lots of things, such as training new troops. It is also recommended that you focus on upgrading your lumber mills, as they produce 30,560 timber per hour, once fully upgraded.


Quarry: Stone is required to upgrade all the buildings on your Turf. One way of efficiently gathering stone is by building quarries. You can upgrade a quarry to level 25 and it will provide you 30,560 stones per hour. 


Manor: You can create a manor to gather gold and it will give 4,875 per hour, once it is fully upgraded. Gold is useful for increasing your Barrack's training speed.

2. Strategizing your Turf setup.

There are only 22 tiles that you can construct buildings on within the game. So it's important to strategize the setup for your Turf, as your resource requirement will vary according to your level. Given below are strategies for different stages in the game. 

Early game: During this stage of the game, it is recommended that you create 10 farms and build 4 mines, lumber mills and quarries. You can keep this setup until level 20 as it will provide you with a healthy amount of resources, which will easily let you sustain your troops. 

NOTE: You don’t need Manors during the early game, as gold is not a necessary resource at this stage.

Middle game: After level 20, you should focus on increasing the size of your army, up until level 25. To successfully do this, you should aim to produce 2.5 million food per hour. This can be done by constructing 15 farms, 2 mines, 2 lumber mills and 2 quarries. You should be already getting enough gold via quests, so there is still no need for a Manor.

End game: Once you reach level 25, demolish all farms as you do not need any more food. In fact, you will have already reached the maximum storage capacity even if you have upgraded the farms. You should now focus purely on ore/stone/timber during this stage. A good Kingdom setup for this is 10 mines, 6 quarries and 6 lumber mills.

3. Farming resources in the Kingdom.

You will find many different resource tiles in the Kingdom map, which give you food, timber, ore, stone or gold. To farm these resource tiles, you must deploy your troops to go and gather them. The steps below will show you how to do this:

1. First, click on the map button at the bottom-left.


2. You will now see the Kingdom map. Here, find and click on the resource tile you wish to gather.


3. Next, click on "Gather".


4. Assign the number of troops you want to send out for farming and click on Deploy. 


4. Assigning Heroes to enhance farming.

There are various Heroes in Lords Mobile, each of whom provides a boost to farming a specific resource. Depending on which resource you would like to gather, you can select from any of the Heroes listed below.

  • For gathering food - Oath Keeper and Elementalist
  • For gathering stone - Sea Squire and Death Knight
  • For gathering wood - Rose Knight and Incinerator
  • For gathering ore - Tracker and Death Archer

To select a hero for farming, simply follow the steps given below:

1. After clicking on a resource tile, click on "Tap to select Heroes".


2. Select the Hero/Heroes you want to assign. 


3. Click on "Confirm"


5. Completing quests.

By accomplishing quests, you can get resources along with other rewards such as Player experience, Might points and an increased STA. 


Make sure to pick up a quest or two in between your other in-game tasks. As you level-up your Castle, the resources you receive from quests will majorly increase.

6. Choosing the best gear.

Different gear sets give you enhanced ability. In order to boost your farming ability you can select Noceros Mask, Regal platmail, Seafarer Cleats and Gryphon's Talon as they are best for resource gathering.

They increase 15% gathering speed, 91.5% army capacity and 15% travel speed.

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Last updated on December 11, 2020.

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