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Before you start a farm account in Kings of Avalon, we have listed out a few tips and tricks that can help you to gather resources faster for your main kingdom.

In a game such as Kings of Avalon, these tips combined with a farm account can immensely help you to level up your Stronghold. To learn how to create a farm account, click here.

How can I maximize farming?

The various tips and tricks mentioned below will help you maximize farming speed as well as improve resource gathering. 

  1. Resource strategy for Early-game.
  2. Boost your resource gathering.
  3. Attack Monsters/Ravager camps to gain resources.
  4. Capture mines on World camp.

1. Resource strategy for Early-game.

When you start playing Kings of Avalon, you should focus on gathering all types of resources and build a significant surplus. Because after reaching level 12, each production and upgrade will consume a large number of resources.

8.pngSo, it is important that you begin gathering food and wood from the start. You should also begin gathering Iron and Silver, when they get unlocked at level 10.

2. Boosting your resource gathering speed.

There are different methods that will allow you to increase your ability to gather resources much more quickly. These methods are:

  • Use buff scrolls to increase the production of a given building for 24 hours. The building for which you use this buff produces 50% more resources.
  • Increase the amount and speed of production in the University building by conducting research. If you complete all the researches, you can increase your production by 40%.
  • You can use your Lord talent points to increase the speed of resource gathering.

3. Attacking Monsters/Ravager camps to gain resources.

Attacking Monsters/Ravager Camps is a great way to easily gather the resources you need. Monsters award you food and wood, whereas Ravager camps give you the chance of winning iron and silver. 

To begin your attack, simply follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Explore button.

3.png2. Now, click on the search button.

4.png3. Now, select whether you want to attack Monsters or Ravager camps and click on search.

5.png4. Now, click on a Monster/Ravager camp and begin your attack.

6.pngYou can attack the monsters alone, but you need an ally to attack the Ravager camps.

4. Capturing mines on the world map.

You will find a lot of mines on the World map. Ideally, when your stronghold reaches level 20, we recommend that you relocate to an area that has more mines. This will allow you to gather resources much more quickly. 

7.pngNOTE: This process will also use up your march slots.

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Last updated on December 11, 2020.

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