How to control the mouse cursor in games with a gamepad on BlueStacks 4

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This detailed article will help you with how to control your mouse cursor with a gamepad while playing games on BlueStacks 4.

How can I control the mouse cursor with a gamepad on BlueStacks?

1. Connect your gamepad and then launch your favorite game on BlueStacks. For representation purposes, let's play Among Us.


2. After the game launches, the left stick on your gamepad controls the movement of your character. To start controlling the mouse cursor with it, first press the Start button on your gamepad. 


This enables 'Mouse Mode' and lets you perform the following functions using the gamepad:

a) Controlling the cursor movement: Use the left stick on your gamepad to move the cursor.


b) Performing a Left-click: Press the 'A' key on your gamepad to perform a left-click on your screen.


c) Dragging objects: Place the cursor on an object and then, press and hold the 'A' key. Now, move the left stick to drag the object.


3. To disable 'Mouse Mode' and to start using the left stick for controlling your character's in-game movement, simply press the Start button on your gamepad again at any time.

NOTE: This feature does not work with games that provide their own gamepad controls, such as Minecraft. To use 'Mouse Mode' in such games, make sure your native gamepad is set to forced off before you perform the steps mentioned above. Read this article to know how to do it.

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Last updated on Jan 15, 2021.

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