Application Binary Interface (ABI) in BlueStacks 5

What is Application Binary Interface (ABI)?

All Android apps either use ARM or x86 libraries to run. The Application Binary Interface (ABI) of BlueStacks 5 supports both these libraries and lets you use any Android apps or games on your PC.


While creating a new instance of BlueStacks 5, you can select your preferred libraries from the ABI settings. The steps given below in this article will show you how to do this.

How can I choose ABI libraries for a BlueStacks 5 instance?

You can choose your preferred ABI libraries for a BlueStacks 5 instance by following the steps given below: 

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and open the Multi-instance Manager from the side toolbar.


2. Once the Multi-instance Manager opens up, click on the "New instance" button.


3. Now, click on "Fresh instance".


4. Now, choose the Android version for your instance. You can choose from:

  • Nougat 32-bit
  • Nougat 64-bit
  • Android Pie 64-bit (Beta)


NOTE: If you select an Android version for the first time, then it will be downloaded for you.   

5. If you selected the Nougat 32-bit instance, click on drop-down menu for the ABI settings and choose from the following libraries:

  • x86
  • ARM
  • x86 & ARM


If you selected the Nougat 64-bit or Android Pie 64-bit (Beta) instance, you can also select the "Custom" option in the ABI settings. These will let you pick from the following libraries:

  • x86 32 bit
  • x86 64 bit
  • ARM 32 bit
  • ARM 64 bit


6. Once you've entered all the settings for your BlueStacks instance, click on the "Create" button.


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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