Optimized version of BlueStacks 5 for Free Fire

How is this optimized?

The optimized version of BlueStacks 5 will provide you with the best possible gameplay experience in Free Fire, with several enhancements to smart controls, aim accuracy, FPS and much more.

Download BlueStacks 5 optimized for Free Fire.

Why should I use the optimized version?

With the optimized version, you will experience the following improvements in Free Fire.

1. Enhanced aim accuracy: Aiming has been even more refined in Free Fire with new improvements in the optimized version. Now, you will experience stable mouse sensitivity/acceleration and effortlessly make those headshots in the game. 

Furthermore, you can also take your shooting experience to the next level by setting a higher custom DPI on BlueStacks 5 as it will make aiming smoothly and with precision, even easier.


2. Ultra-smooth gameplay: Enhance your Free Fire gameplay experience with much higher and stable FPS in the optimized version. To learn how to play Free Fire at 90 FPS, click here.


3. Optimized game controls and configurations: The game controls are more interactive and contain fixes for the "D-pad" issues. These controls will provide a highly responsive gaming experience and allow you to easily outclass the competition.


4. Enhanced smart controls: The smart controls for Free Fire come equipped with various improvements to take your gameplay to brand-new levels. The enhanced smart controls will provide a better shooting experience and optimize other in-game actions. 


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@bluestacks.com. Happy Gaming!

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