Shooting mode on BlueStacks 5

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The shooting mode on BlueStacks 5 lets you move your gun's reticle to aim easily in first-person shooter (FPS) and sniper games using the movement of your mouse, just like you do it on a PC.

By enabling the shooting mode, you can:

  • Aim easily in any direction without having to hold down left-click on your mouse.
  • Adjust your aim while firing.
  • Fire your weapon instantly in any direction by pressing the left-click on your mouse.
  • Perform other in-game actions, such as changing settings, by temporarily suspending the shooting mode.

This article will guide you on how to enable and configure the shooting mode on BlueStacks 5.

How does shooting mode improve my gameplay in shooting games?

1. You no longer need to hold your left click to view your surroundings or while aiming at an enemy.

2. You can adjust your aim and fire easily at the same time.

3. You can simply press the left mouse button to fire without having to click on the on-screen control.

How can I enable shooting Mode?

1. From your BlueStacks home screen, launch a shooting game of your choice. Then, click on the keyboard icon to open the Game controls menu, as shown below.


2. From the dropdown menu, select "Controls editor".


3. On the "Controls editor" window, click and hold on "Aim, pan and shoot".


4. Drag the tool and drop it anywhere on the game screen and assign a key to toggle the shooting mode On/Off. It is preferable to place the icon slightly to the right of the center of the screen to avoid tampering with the D-PAD in games.


5. Hover your cursor over this tool. A gear icon will appear, as shown below. Click on it.


6. From the menu that now appears on your screen, locate the section "Fire with left-click". Here, perform the following actions:

  • Enable "Fire with left-click" by clicking on the slider in front of it.
  • Click on the mouse icon available right under this option. This will bring a mouse-like tool to your game screen. Drag-drop this tool on top of the in-game shooting button, as illustrated below. This will let you use the left click of your mouse to shoot your weapon.


7. Click on "Save" and then, close the advanced editor. Now, at any point while playing the game, press the key that you had assigned to enable the shooting mode in step 4.

To disable the shooting mode, simply press the assigned key again.


How can I configure the settings for shooting mode?

You may change the settings for various parameters in the shooting mode, using the Advanced settings.

To access these settings, hover your cursor on the key control for "Aim, pan and shoot". You will then see a gear icon at the bottom of the control. Click on the gear icon.


The advanced settings page will open, as shown below.


It has the following options:

Under the "Key bindings" section:

a) Start stop - This key used to enable/disable the shooting Mode.

b) Suspend - Suspends the shooting mode temporarily and allows free movement of mouse cursor for as long as the assigned key is pressed.

Under the "Properties" section:

a) X - Location of "X" axis where the shooting Mode tool is placed.

b) Y -Location of "Y" axis where the shooting mode tool is placed.

c) Mouse sensitivity X - This value decides how sensitive the aim is with respect to the horizontal movement of the mouse. If Sensitivity = 1, it means the mouse sensitivity is the same as the Windows cursor sensitivity.

(Pro tip - Switch off enhanced pointer precision from "Pointer Options" in the Windows Control Panel to get more accurate aiming)

d) Mouse sensitivity Y - This value decides how sensitive the aim is with respect to the vertical movement of the mouse. If Sensitivity = 2 means Vertical movement is twice as fast as horizontal movement.

e) Tweaks - Various values used to optimize aim in different games.

f) Mouse acceleration - This can be used as a multiplier to the speed of the mouse. In simple terms, the more this number, and the faster you move the mouse, the distance covered by your cursor will also increase.

Under the "Look around mode" section:

a) Enable mode - Use it to enable "Look around mode" which is a core part of most Battle Royale games

b) The eye icon is then placed on the "look around" key, if available in the game settings or user interface.

c) Free Look position X, Y - To define coordinates manually

d) Free Look - Key used to look around.

Under the "Fire with Mouse Left" section:

a) Enable mode - Used to enable shooting with the left-click in a much better way

b) The mouse icon can be placed over the key that is used to shoot in the game. This will let you fire your weapon instantly using left-click.

c) Action position X, Y - To define coordinates manually

d) Action - Key to shoot (It is set to left-click and cannot be changed)

"Show keys on-screen" option: Enable it to see the key bindings assigned for toggling the shooting mode on-screen while playing a game.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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