Best graphical and FPS settings for Punishing Gray Raven on BlueStacks 5

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You can play Punishing: Gray Raven on your PC at 60 FPS with the best graphical settings by simply applying the settings described in this article and downloading the latest version of BlueStacks 5: the official PC partner of the game.

Download the latest version of BlueStacks 5 

To play Punishing: Gray Raven with the best graphics and FPS, you will have to change the following in-game settings:

  • Set "Graphics" to "Ultra"
  • Set "FPS" to "High"

How can I do this?

1. Launch the game from your BlueStacks home screen and click on the gear icon to access the in-game settings, as shown below.


2. Next, within the in-game settings menu, click on the "Graphics" tab, as shown in the picture below.


3. Now, select "Graphics" settings to "Ultra".


4. Next, scroll down in the menu and look for "FPS" settings. Set the "FPS" settings to "High".


5. Lastly, click on "Save" once you have selected the desired settings.

NOTE: The performance of the game might be affected on the best quality settings. If you face any performance issues, please reduce or lower these settings.


You can now play Punishing: Gray raven at 60 FPS for an enhanced gaming experience.

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