How to translate on-screen text for a regional game in BlueStacks 5

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With BlueStacks 5.2 and above, you can easily translate an app screen to the language you've selected on BlueStacks by pressing "CTRL + SHIFT + L".

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This allows you to play and understand the storylines in any game that is not available in your regional language, for an overall enhanced gaming experience. You no longer have to wait for games to release in your regional language allowing you to expand your gaming library with ease.

For an in-depth view on how to translate on-screen text for a game, you can take a look at this video. 

How can I translate the app screen?

1. Open BlueStacks 5 and launch any app that is not available in your regional language, that you wish to play.


2. Once the game has launched and you are on the screen which you wish to translate, press "Ctrl + Shift + L" on your keyboard.


3. A message will appear on the screen, stating that the translated image of your screen is being loaded, as shown below.


4. An image with the translated text will now appear on your screen.


5. After you have viewed the translations, you can press the "Esc" key on your keyboard or click on the "X" icon at the top right of the image, to close it and continue with the game.


You can follow the steps described above, whenever you wish to translate your screen in any app on BlueStacks 5.

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