BlueStacks X: Why a different Android-based instance of BlueStacks is required

Why is an additional BlueStacks download required?

If a game can only be played on a specific Android version, BlueStacks X may ask you to download an additional BlueStacks engine, besides the one already installed on your desktop/laptop, to play that game.

For example, if you wish to play Teamfight Tactics (TFT) that can only be played on BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit engine, BlueStacks X will have to install that engine for you to be able to play TFT.

A new instance, with the required Android version, will be created upon downloading the additional files.

How do I download the BlueStacks engine required for a game?

1. If the required Android version is not available on your desktop/laptop, BlueStacks X will install the engine with the required Android version.

The image below shows that if you try to install Teamfight Tactics, you must either download the BlueStacks 5 Nougat 64-bit engine on your desktop/laptop or create a Nougat 64-bit instance for it.

Click on "Download and install" to download the BlueStacks engine.


NOTE: If you don't take an action, the installation will start automatically after a few seconds.

The process may take a few minutes to complete.

2. Once the BlueStacks engine with the required Android version is created, the new instance will launch and you will be asked to sign in to Play Store. Click here to learn how to sign in to Play Store.


3. After logging in to the Play Store, you will be taken to the installation page for the selected game. Here, click on "Install"


The game will be installed and added to your game library on BlueStacks X.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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