How to level up your Piggy in Play & Win on BlueStacks 5

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To win Google Play gift cards and to participate in adventures in "Play & Win", you must level up your Piggy first. This article will explain how you can level up your Piggy on BlueStacks 5.

On BlueStacks 5.4 and above, make sure you launch a Levelup Game only by clicking on "Play Now" to earn the rewards successfully. Launching the game from your BlueStacks home screen will not count.

How can I level up my Piggy?

1. Your Piggy will level up after gaining a certain number of XP points. To gain XP points, navigate to the "Levelup Games" tab on your Piggy dashboard, as shown below.


2. On the next screen, you will see a list of available tasks along with the rewards associated with them. Complete a task from the list by clicking on "Play Now" in front of it, as illustrated below.


3. Once a task is done, the "Play Now" button in front of it will be replaced with "Complete" and the associated rewards will be added to your Piggy's profile.


4. Don't forget to refresh the task list by using the "Refresh" button if you have been playing Play & Win for a long time at a stretch.


To learn about how to participate in Piggy Adventures and win Google Play gift cards, please refer to this article.

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