How to play Android games using the BlueStacks X Desktop App

With the BlueStacks X Desktop App, you get to choose how to play your favorite Android Games — on a web browser without installing them or by downloading them on your PC.

How can I play Android games using the BlueStacks X Desktop App?

When you hover your cursor over the game you wish to play, you can select from one of these options:

  • Play on Cloud - Play the game instantly without downloading and installing it. 
  • Download - Download and install the game on your PC before playing it.


Play on Cloud

1. When you choose to play the game on cloud, you will be required to log in with an account of your choice.


2. Once you have logged in, the game will launch instantly in a separate browser window without the need for any installation, as illustrated below.


You can now play the game in the browser directly.

You can also use the BlueStacks X Web App to experience the future of gaming — Playing on Cloud. To learn more, visit this article.

Download the game on your PC

If the BlueStacks engine is already installed on your PC, clicking on "Download" for a game will launch the BlueStacks engine and you will be taken to the app page of the selected game on Google Play Store.

Here, click on "Install" to install the game. 


If a BlueStacks engine is not installed on your PC, the required BlueStacks engine will be installed for you, as shown below.

Click on "Show progress" to view the installation progress.


NOTE: If a BlueStacks engine is already installed on your PC, you can still see a message asking to install additional files since some games require a BlueStacks engine with a specific Android version. Click on "Continue" to get the required BlueStacks engine.


Read this article for more details on why some games require a different Android version on BlueStacks.

To find the list of all the games installed on your BlueStacks engine, launch the BlueStacks X Desktop App and navigate to the "My Games" tab.


On the "My Games" page, you will find all the games that are currently installed on your BlueStacks engine listed under the "My Android Games" section, as shown below. 


Games installed or uninstalled from your BlueStacks engine will be automatically added or removed respectively from here after you restart BlueStacks X.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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