Smart controls for Cookie Run: Kingdom on BlueStacks 5

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You can now play Cookie Run: Kingdom on BlueStacks 5 using smart controls.

You get a significantly enhanced gameplay experience by using Smart controls as they let you perform different in-game actions much more quickly and remove any unnecessary on-screen keys.

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Why should I use smart controls?

By using Smart controls, you get the following benefits.

  1. Your on-screen keys will appear only when needed.
  2. Removal of unnecessary on-screen keys offers an enhanced immersive experience.
  3. You can use Smart controls across all device profiles and BlueStacks resolutions.

The images below show how the on-screen keys appear with and without Smart controls.

With Smart controls

Smart controls appear only at certain places on the screen based on when you need them, as depicted with red arrows in the image below.


With Standard controls

Here, all the available keys are always visible on your screen irrespective of whether you need those controls at the moment or not.


To know how to switch to Smart controls, please read the steps below.

How can I switch to Smart controls?

1. After launching Cookie Run: Kingdom, click on the "Game controls" icon from the Side Toolbar, as displayed below.


2. Within the Game controls menu, click on the drop-down menu under "Scheme".


3. Here, select the "Smart" scheme, as illustrated below.


4. Exit the Game controls menu by clicking anywhere on your game screen. 


You can now start playing Cookie Run: Kingdom using Smart controls.

NOTE: If Smart controls have stopped working for you due to some reason, you can right-click on the Game controls icon and update the keys using the cloud icon in the Controls Editor, as shown below.


Read this article for the detailed steps to do this.

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