Workaround for a received ban in Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks 5

Why did my account get banned?

If you have been banned while playing Call of Duty: Mobile, the ban is solely at the game developer's discretion. We respect the game developer's decision and urge you to contact them for further assistance related to your account.

What should I do now?

After contacting the game developers, if you wish to continue playing Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks 5, install the game on the latest version of BlueStacks. Please make sure to log in with a new or a different game account that was not banned.

How can I do this?

1. Install the latest version of BlueStacks 5 using the link given above.

2. Download Call of Duty: Mobile from the Google Play Store on the latest version of BlueStacks.


3. Log in with a different game account within the game. 

NOTE: Please ensure that the email address/account you use to log in is different from the account that was banned.


You can now play Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks 5. If you still face any issues, you can send us a problem report by following the steps in this article.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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