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Solution for black screen at launch in Mythwars: Idle Heroes on BlueStacks 4

How will this help?

You can now play Mythwars: Idle Heroes on BlueStacks 4 and fight the dark forces with no more black screens holding you back after you launch the game.

To continue fighting against the dark forces without any problems, set the "ABI setting" to "ARM" within the BlueStacks settings. 

Get ready to restore peace in the world!

How can I do it?

1. Open the BlueStacks Settings from the hamburger menu on your home screen, as shown below.


2. The Settings page will open with the "Engine" tab highlighted by default. Here, scroll down to locate the "ABI setting" section and set it to "ARM", as shown below.


3. Click on "Save" to apply these changes.


4. You will then be asked to restart BlueStacks. Click on "Restart now" to proceed.


5. After BlueStacks restarts, you need to uninstall Mythwars: Idle Heroes and then, re-install it.

To learn how to uninstall it, please read this article. If you need help with installing an app, refer to this article.


6. Once you have re-installed Mythwars: Idle Heroes, simply launch the game from the BlueStacks home screen.  


You can now gather and create an armed alliance of heroes in Mythwars: Idle Heroes without facing any darkness on BlueStacks!

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