What is the Creator Hub?

What is the Creator Hub?

You can create your own personal gaming world on BlueStacks X using the Creator Hub, the world’s first and only mobile game modding platform.

Play modded versions of your favorite Android games, explore and create special effects by adding funny GIFs along with audio to memorable in-game moments!

Additionally, you can also add a filter to change the look of your gameplay. You can even share them with your friends and enjoy the amazing effects in action while gaming.

What is a modded version of a game?

A modded version of a game enhances your gameplay experience with creative elements added to various in-game moments. For example, a superhero congratulating you on a win or a cheery cartoon character sneaking up to mellow down a defeat and much more!


How can I play a modded version of a game?

1. You can search for a mod in the "Search" bar, select a mod within the "Home" tab or find it under "Creator Hub". Once you've found a mod you like, hover your cursor over it.

2. Click on "Check Mod Version" to view the effects applied in the selected mod and click on "Play" to instantly start playing the modded version of the game.


To learn more about to how to play a modded version of a game on BlueStacks X, click here.

How can I create a mod for a game?

You can create a mod simply by uploading an effect of your choice or choose from an existing library of effects. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to the Creator Studio tab and select the game you want to create a mod for.

2. You can create your own effects by clicking on the "+" icon under the "Available Effects" tab or select effects from the "Discovery" section.

3. Click on "Save All" to save the mod and launch the game by clicking on "Play".


To learn more about to how to add effects and filters in games using the Creator Hub, click here.

How can I share mods?

You can share your customized mods by clicking on the "Share" icon next to the Available Effects tab. These can be shared across:

  • Creator Hub: Share your mods with other gamers around the world who can download and use them
  • Social media: Share your mods with your friends via Reddit, Twitter or Facebook and show-off your creative skills!


How can I log in and sync effects to another device?

If you save an effect for a game using the Creator Hub on your BlueStacks X, it will automatically be synced with the account ID that you are currently logged in with. You can then play that modded version on any device using BlueStacks X.

  • Sign in to BlueStacks X with your Google, Facebook or Discord account.
  • Create or apply effects to games and save them.

You can now sign in to BlueStacks X on any other device with the same credentials and access all your saved effects.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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