How to play Game of Khans at 60 FPS on BlueStacks 5

How will this help?

You can play Game of Khans at 60 FPS on BlueStacks 5. Get ready for an enhanced visual experience as you explore the nomadic cultures of central Asia with smoother in-game animations!

You can achieve this by selecting "High performance" mode within the in-game settings.

Prepare to build the largest known empire known to mankind and etch your name as the greatest Khan in the Game of Khans!

How can I do this?

1. Launch Game of Khans from your BlueStacks 5 home screen.


2. Click on your profile icon at the top-left corner of the game screen.


3. On the next screen, select the gear icon to access the in-game settings.


4. Click on "Performance" under the Settings menu, as shown below.


5. Enable "High Performance" on the next screen by clicking on the slider next to it.


You are now all set to fight in epic horde battles and create your legacy as you play Game of Khans at 60 FPS on BlueStacks 5.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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