How to play Argent Twilight on BlueStacks 5

How can I play?

You can install and play Argent Twilight on BlueStacks 5 by downloading the optimized version of BlueStacks for the game from the link given below. 

Download optimized version to play Argent Twilight

Once the optimized version has been installed, simply launch it and install Argent Twilight by following the steps given hereGet ready to explore challenging dungeons, defeat powerful bosses and outsmart your opponents to claim the throne!


If you do not wish to install a new version of BlueStacks 5, then follow the steps mentioned below: 

NOTE: A Pie 64-bit instance can be created only on BlueStacks 5.2.100 and above.

How can I create a Pie 64-bit instance of BlueStacks 5?

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and click on the Multi-instance Manager icon on the side toolbar.


2. In the Multi-instance Manager window, click on "Instance" and then select "Fresh instance".

3. On the next screen select the Android version as "Pie 64-bit" from the dropdown menu. Once you have made the selection click on "Next".

4. The next window will let you customize your instance. Here, change the "ABI setting" to "ARM", as shown below.


5. Once you have selected all other values for your instance, click on "Download" to get the additional files for the selected Android version.

NOTE: If you've created a Pie 64-bit instance in the past, you will see a "Create" button instead of "Download".


6. The instance you have created will now appear in the Multi-instance Manager. Once the download process is complete, click on "Start" to begin using it.


How can I install Argent Twilight on BlueStacks 5 Pie 64-bit?

1. Launch the Pie 64-bit instance of BlueStacks 5 that you have created in the previous section and click on the Play Store icon on your home screen.


2. Log in to Google Play Store and search for "Argent Twilight".


To learn how to log in to Google Play Store on BlueStacks 5, please follow the steps given in this article.

3. Select the game when it appears in the search results. On the next screen, click on "Install".


4. After the installation is complete, launch the game by clicking on its icon on your BlueStacks 5 home screen.


You are now ready to step into the Resolute Battlefield and destroy your enemies when you play Argent Twilight on BlueStacks 5.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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