How to play Free Fire with Smart controls on BlueStacks 5

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You can play Free Fire on BlueStacks 5 using Smart controls for a significantly enhanced gameplay experience. Smart controls will allow you to perform different in-game actions much more quickly and also remove unnecessary on-screen keys.  

Are you ready to lead your team to victory and immortalize your name among the legends?


What are the Smart controls to play Free Fire?

Movement controls

Keys Assigned Function
W A S D Move forward, left, backward, right
Shift Sprint
Space Jump 
C Crouch 
Z Prone


Combat controls

Keys Assigned Function
Mouse Aim and pan
Left click Fire
R Reload
1 / 2 / 3 / Mouse Wheel Switching weapons
4 Healing
5 Grenade
Right click Scope / Cook grenade
F1 Free mouse cursor
X Hold to free mouse cursor
V Look around
E Skill
Q Gloo Wall
Y Akimbo


General controls

Keys Assigned Function
F / G / H Pick up item
M Open Map
Tab Open Bag
F / Q Interact
G Secondary interact
B Revive teammate
E Follow
Right click Honk
Space Boost
Q Boom plant / defuse
T Use mic
Y Sound
MouseWheelUp / MouseWheelDown Swipe loot
Ctrl / Ctrl + 1 - 8
Character emote
L / L + 1 - 6
Pet emote
Ctrl Use surfboard 


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