How to add a custom crosshair in shooting games on BlueStacks 5

What is the BlueStacks crosshair and why should I add it?

On BlueStacks 5.12 and above, you can add a crosshair to any shooting game, such as Free Fire, Free Fire MAX, Standoff 2 and more. 

The BlueStacks crosshair stays on your screen even when your weapon is unequipped, such as when looting, making it easier to accurately aim at your enemies without having to ADS (aim-down-sight) every time.

Additionally, some games do not have a crosshair for certain guns, such as sniper rifles, which makes the BlueStacks crosshair invaluable while accurately hip-firing at your enemies.

You can also have a purely unique gameplay experience by changing the appearance and size of the crosshair to suit your preferences. 

Important information:

  • The BlueStacks crosshair is visible only when shooting mode is active
  • It can be applied to all schemes, e.g Smart Controls, Standard or any custom control scheme.
  • A .jpg, .jpeg, .png image can be used to apply a custom crosshair

Before adding the crosshair:


After adding the crosshair:


How can I add the BlueStacks crosshair?

Adding the BlueStacks crosshair is quick and effortless and can be done through the advanced settings of the "Crosshair" key control. 

1. Launch any shooting game of your choice. For representation purposes, we'll be using Standoff 2. 


2. Open the Controls Editor by right-clicking on the keyboard icon, i.e Game Controls menu, within the Side toolbar, as shown below.


3. On your game screen, select the gear icon beside the faded crosshair icon at the center of your screen, as shown below.

NOTE: You can also select the gear icon beside "Aim, pan and shoot" key control to access the crosshair settings.


4. Within the advanced settings, which will pop up in a different window, click on the toggle beside "Crosshair" to enable it, as shown below.

NOTE: Remember to click on "Save" at the bottom right corner of your screen. 


You will then see a crosshair on your screen, once you exit the Controls Editor.

How can I customize the appearance of my crosshair?

To make your gameplay unique, you can change various aspects of the crosshair, such as:

  • Style; choose from 4 built-in styles or add an image of your choice!
  • Size
  • Opacity
  • Color

1. To do this, click on the gear icon beside the crosshair key control at the center of your screen.


2. In the "Crosshair" section, you can change the appearance by clicking on the currently selected style. Next, from the drop-down menu, you can select either:

  • Cross
  • Dot
  • Cross dot
  • Circle
  • Custom


3. If you'd like to add a custom image in place of the crosshair, select "Custom" from the drop-down menu shown above and select "Choose file" to upload an image saved on your desktop/laptop.

NOTE: Supported file formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png and you can upload an image of up to 5 MB.

4. You can also change the value besides "Size", "Opacity" and "Color" of the crosshair if you'd like to further customize the crosshair.

Remember to click on "Save" once all the changes have been made.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5! We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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